The Eight Things You Need To Succeed On LOST!

Sign ups for RAG LOST close in two days – here are the eight things you can’t do without.

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Transported in a blacked out coach to an unknown location and 24 hours to find your way back – RAG LOST returns!

A good scout is supposedly “always prepared”.

But on LOST, you’ll have no idea where you are, nor what’s coming, nor even what you’ll be expected to do when you get there. You might be dropped in the Outer Hebrides, challenged to get fifteen kilted people twerking; or in Peterborough, desperately seeking hermit crabs in the cathedral. This is all without a single penny to help you do it, so that attaché case of unmarked bills you had ready won’t help you.

So how do you prepare for the unexpected? Do you bring your ice pick, your camouflage gear, or your award-winning stamp collection? The answer might surprise you. (Hint: none of them.)

1.       A wearable sleeping bag

Whether your favourite animal-themed Primark onesie, or a Michelin man style job, this is a must-have. Not just for snuggling up under a railway bridge, you can use one of these babies to get some attention when you’re out on the streets trying to pick up some extra cash or kindly requesting to ride someone’s horse. This also provides you with the options of fighting crime or curling up in a ball and pretending to be a woodlouse.

2.       Snacks (abundant)

Biscuits preferred. Try not to eat them all on the bus. Can be used for slow-release energy when you’re trying to catch a carp to send back to the RAG office, or alternatively as part of a rudimentary bartering system (substitute for cigarettes or Yu-Gi-Oh cards as necessary).

3.       Platforms

So you’ll be needing comfortable footwear, but what if this year’s challenges include looking fabulous? Plus it can’t hurt to have an extra foot or so in height to grab attention from passing cars. Suggested shades: lime green or reflective.

4.       Phone charger

Some may say that however apped-up it might be, an iPhone is no match for a good old fashioned smoke signal; however, it’s much harder to send Snapchats of you and your pal in Paul McCartney’s private jet or sleeping in a wheelie bin without a phone (believe me I’ve tried).

5.       A make-your-own billboard kit

Self-marketing is everything. Yes, by this point in your preparation process you look amazing, but some overt and garish advertising may be an additional incentive for cars to stop. You can also prove to people that they have to do what you ask because of how famous you are. Your picture is even on a billboard! For a finishing touch, add excessive and enthusiastic foreign phrases to convince them that although the British market hasn’t picked you up yet, you’re super big in North Korea.

6.       Your “party piece”

Remember how your granny keeps asking you when you’re going to play your clarinet again? Or when the other kids in the playground praised your ability to burp the Rugrats theme tune? I think it’s high time you bust out your long-dormant talents in exchange for a sandwich and to keep your spirits up if you’re huddling around a campfire in the wilderness.

7.       A pub quiz guide or surprisingly useful book about Science or Life

If you have to curry favour at The Red Lion to get them to do a RAG-themed Harlem Shake, or for those times towards the end of all disaster movies when everyone’s stuck in a cave/boat/mine shaft and are like “How are we gonna get out of this one?”, you can be the supposedly useless nerdy one who says “Hey guys, according to this, we can use the [science word] of the [science word] to do [something to do with science] so that we can get out!” and then everyone loves you, nerdy kid.

8.       A spare pair of undies

Never forget what your mother told you. Also consider socks, as those platforms do rub rather.

With all of these in, on or around your body, you’re bound to get far in life. You might even get back to Cambridge. 

LOST takes place on Saturday 9th November – Sunday 10th December (participants to arrive in unknown location at about 9am on the Saturday and have 24 hours to get back to Cambridge). 

Signups close on Friday 1st November. Check out the LOST Facebook event for more information or sign up here.
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p.s. Also a towel.