Sex on Cam: Punting Fun for Students and Punt Operators

Apparently music performances aren’t the only punt sessions taking place on the Cam. CLAUDIA LEONG reports.

King's College mumsnet PUNTING Queen's College Sex UL

Add “have sex on a punt” to your Cambridge bucket list. Online network, the UK’s most popular parenting website, has been scandalised by a user’s claim that she had sex on a punt while drifting down the Cam.

While Cantabs seem more likely these days to find Ma and Pa on Mumsnet than to post their own exploits on the site, Cambridge punt operators have confirmed that salacious romps are part of the punting termcard.

Mind how you handle that punt pole...

Mind how you handle that punt pole…

Speaking to Cambridge News, an ex punter for an independent company confessed to getting down and dirty on Cam: “The Cam Conservators could take our licenses away, but they couldn’t completely sanitise that river. Some inappropriate things happened on those boats.”

He also mentioned to Cambridge News that international students were warned to “stay away from punters in Cambridge in case they were offered a ‘free’ punt”.

Another former punter told of how “Me and my ex-girlfriend took my punt down ‘Lover’s Lane’ one summer’s afternoon and had sex.

“I’m pretty sure that students of Kings and Queens college could see us but we didn’t really care and carried on regardless.

“The stream between Kings and Queens is infamous amongst Cambridge students and punters alike.

“There was actually quite a lot of competition between us to see how many girls we could have sex with on the boats.”

For those of you who think sex at the UL is too much of a cliche, perhaps sex on the Cam is a less mainstream challenge to consider.