UnChristian Behaviour: Racist Slurs from Football Club

A night out at Mai Thai Restaurant for new college families ended on a sour note after one of their group was subjected to racial abuse from a member of a separate Cambridge college football team.

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A Christ’s second year was allegedly subject to racial slurs from a member of a separate Cambridge college football team at Mai Thai restaurant. What began as a quiet evening for new college families at Christ’s devolved into a brawl, as heckling and chanting between Christ’s and the football team escalated on Friday night.

Although individuals from both groups tried to cool things off, an Indian student at Christ’s was reportedly told by one of the footballers from the college to “Sit down, you fucking Paki”.

A note to freshers: many a debauched swap has happened here

Speaking anonymously about the racist treatment he received to The Tab, the student at Christ’s said:

“I couldn’t believe it. Furious is a kind word to describe my reaction, and rightly so.

“You would think that these boys would have evolved beyond such primitive behaviour.

“But they proved to be more Neanderthal than Homo sapien.”

A Christ’s fresher present recalled his shock at the incident: “Having recently left home I had thought thought drunken violence would be a thing of the past. It now seems I was mistaken. I did not expect to see anything more than gentlemens’ fisticuffs here.”

Members of the team apologised at the scene on behalf of their friend, but the football club have yet to issue a formal explanation for his behaviour.

UPDATE: When contacted by The Tab, the captain of the football team in question gave the following statement: “We’re not aware any comment was made and feel something is being made from nothing.”