Glasgow Sexists avoid Censure

Glasgow University senate lets sexist hecklers walk free without punishment.

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Glasgow University Senate has ruled that the two male students accused of making sexist remarks at female debaters will not be punished for their actions.

The row occurred at the Glasgow Ancients debating competition in March, where two students were heard shouting remarks such as “shame woman” towards Cambridge undergrad Rebecca Meredith and her Edinburgh counterpart, Marlena Valles.

The two were heckled over their appearance and clothing during the debate on the role of women in religion.

At the the judicial-esque hearing held at the Senate, the accused pair were represented by two QCs, whilst the women went unrepresented.

The hearing itself was conducted behind closed doors.

Glasgow Uni - "We're not sexist but..."

Glasgow Uni – “We’re not sexist but…”

In response to the judgement, an appeal has been lodged by the two female students, claiming procedure led to a biased decision.

They also have accused Glasgow University of being inflexible about rescheduling the proceedings, meaning that key witnesses could not be heard.

Equally, one of the victims could not attend the hearing due to a timetabling clash with an exam.

Rebecca Meredith who was reduced to tears by the sexist heckling

Rebecca Meredith, who continued her speech in spite of the sexist heckling

Despite the Glasgow Union’s issuing of an “unreserved apology” to the two women, the Cambridge Union has vowed to maintain its boycott until further notice.

Current Union President Joel Fenster encouraged other university debating societies to join the boycott, and threw his support behind the two debaters in their application against the proceedings.

“I have been shocked by the way they have handled this incident, and await evidence of substantial reform before the Cambridge Union will work with them again,” he told The Tab.

“We cannot tolerate the levels of institutionalised sexism visible in the GUU.”