The Punt Sessions: Actaeon

The Punt Sessions returns with Actaeon’s cover of ‘Ho Hey’ by the Lumineers and an exclusive interview. Summer’s back!

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Filmed by Agatha Stern and Tom Porteous

Edited by Tom Porteous

With special thanks to Declan O’Connor and

Tell me. Who are you? 

Louis du Sauzay and Jack Johnson from Caius. We both study Classics – hence the name Actaeon.

How did you form?

L: Jack is my college dad and it all started on our Freshers’ Week pub crawl. One challenge was to perform a song to avoid downing a bottle of cider. I took this as the perfect opportunity to show off.

And the rest is history…

Silly pose? Silly pose.

Silly pose? Silly pose.

What’s your musical experience up to now? Choirboy turned acoustic or rap artist gone mellow?

L: I played the saxophone and have learnt the ukulele but nothing amazing. I entered a talent show once… Jack, on the other hand, was some kind of child prodigy.

J: (very modestly) Yeah, I play the piano, guitar and bass. I also have a band back home – a kind of alternative rock, Bloc Party-ish band called District 6. We supported Razorlight once. No biggie!

What’s Actaeon’s musical genre, then?

L: Pop, RnB and everything in between. At the moment, it’s just an acoustic set but we’re influenced by electronic too. I really like Frank Ocean’s vibe – his stage aesthetic, stripped back style. It’s simple but effective.

J: We’re planning on getting into the studio to do stuff with drums and synths fairly soon as well.

What’s your Golden Age for music?

L: I really feel like there’s an 80s vibe coming back. Being a 90s baby, too, I’d have to say I love old school hip-hop as well.

J: I find something I like in so many different things. I can’t limit it to just one specific genre.

What has been your most ‘showbiz’ experience?

J: We did Churchill Spring Ball. That was fun. Lemar had just finished his set so quite a few people were milling around. It was nice – just a voice and a piano with a great crowd.

Any groupies?

L: Four girls at the Ball knew who we were and asked for a photo afterwards. I have no idea how they recognised us. And then, once, in a supervision, someone had asked my friend if she knew me. Big dog.

Interviewed by Beth Swords

Actaeon are playing at John’s, Robinson, Emma and Jesus this May Week. As well as covers, they’ve got new stuff coming along too. Check out their YouTube page to hear more.