Pec-tacular Damon and Clooney work out in Cambridge gym

Hollywood megastars Clooney and Damon took to Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre to pump some iron earlier this week.

Cambridge Clooney damon gym Kelsey Kerridge

Hollywood stars Matt Damon and George Clooney were spotted working out at a Cambridge gym.

The blockbusting duo gave regulars at a council-run gym an eyeful when they worked up a sweat this weekend.

clooney and damon gym

Clooney worryingly sporting the Hitler tash

The Kelsey Kerridge Sports Centre was first graced by Matt Damon on Saturday evening, who completed a humble hour-long session on the weights and exercise machines.

Damon then returned on Sunday with his Hollywood bezzie and co-star George Clooney, along with an entourage of bodyguards for an hour of “shooting hoops” in the sports hall.

The megastars are currently filming at the nearby Imperial War Museum, Duxford for the upcoming film The Monuments Men.

Set in WWII, the film is set to tell the story of an Allied group tasked by the US government to save artwork and other significant cultural items stolen by the Nazis before Hitler destroys them.

The high profilers were keen to stay and build upon those Hollywood pecs for longer, but they were refused as the hall was already booked.

damon looking huge

Do you even bench, bro?

But fear not: Batman and Bourne were charged nothing for the facilities; their A-Lister status sufficed for a free visit.

Sports centre manager Liane Shadrack said, “You do not expect to be working out next to Matt Damon. It was quite bizarre.

“It was great that he came back and brought George Clooney with him.

“Everyone was in shock. They are both so handsome.”

Sadly, the stars are reported to have now ended their stay in Cambridge, with a spot of fine-dining at the Loch Fyne.