Jello, Goodbye

Wyverns cave to pressure from online petition and CANCEL the Jelly Wrestling tournament at this year’s Wyverns Garden Party.

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The Jelly Wrestling tournament at this year’s Wyverns Garden Party has officially been cancelled, The Tab understands.

The tournament is the pinnacle of Suicide Sunday’s most popular Garden Party, which sees female students in bikinis wrestle in a paddling pool full of jelly for a cash prize.

Jel no more: crowds watch as two girls battle it out in 2009

The news comes shortly after an online petition against the event, proposed by Magdalene student Nina de Paula Hanika, reached 1000 signatures.

In the petition, the Magdalene student argues that the competition “cements and prolongs the idea that women are lesser, that they are only good for their bodies, and that in order to contribute socially they must be sexualised objects.”

The petition adds that the tradition is “sexist, misogynistic and completely inappropriate as entertainment for 2013.”

The news broke via Hanika’s Facebook page, whilst the CUSU Women’s Campaign celebrated with the following status:

The Wyverns president, speaking The Tab this morning, released this statement:

“The Wyverns regret to announce that this year they will be unable to hold the annual Jelly Wrestling tournament at WGP13.

“Having never received formal complaints in the past, we were reluctant to take immediate action on the recent petition. However, the anti-jelly vitriol with which the campaign was conducted forced us to take the threats that we received seriously.

“We are keen to maintain our reputation as the biggest, loosest, naughtiest, silliest party that Cambridge has to offer. See you all on Suicide Sunday!”