Cambridge grads richest in UK

11 Cambridge grads are billionaires, with 361 possessing more than $30million.

Cambridge grads are the richest in the UK (beating Oxford, obv). 

The University Ultra-High Net Worth Alumni Rankings record the net worth of university graduates who are worth more than $30million.

And it’s official: Cambridge was the only UK uni to make the Billionaire Alumni list, with 11 billionaire Cantabs recorded, totalling a net worth of $48billion.

Did Oxford make the cut? Thought not.

We came just behind Yale, whose net worth was $77billion.

The study also includes a millionaires’ league table, which saw us pipped to the post by The Other Place and the University of Mumbai.

Non-American unis ranked. We’ve got millionaires too.

361 of our alumni made the list

The report recorded a whopping 361 Cantabs with more than $30million to their names, adding up to an astonishing net worth of $93billion.

Other UK unis to make the list include:

– Oxford with 401 mega rich alumni

– Imperial with 127

– UCL with 99

Of the Cantabs who made the cut, 70% are self-made millionaires, while 13% inherited their money. Meanwhile, 88% of alumni on the list are male, with just 12% being female.

70% are self-made millionaires

But before you crack open the bubbly, Cambridge is no where near the premier league of unis with stinking-rich alumni. American institutions are rolling in it, with Harvard’s wealthiest grads raking in $622billion.

Still, we’re richer than Oxford. And we all know that’s what really matters.