Cycle Crime Crackdown Gears Up

Cambridge police have launched a new operation to crack down on cycling crime in the city centre.

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Police Specials will be tackling anti-social cycling as part of Operation Pedalo, taking place in Cambridge over the next fortnight and beyond.

The operation’s main aim is to reduce bike theft and lessen the number of lighting and pavement offences. Police hope that the number of deaths and casualties amongst cyclists and the level of cycle crime will be reduced.

Cycling in Cambridge will never again be as lawless…

Key areas which will be targeted include Sidney Street, Downing Street, Regent Street and Hills Road. 

Patrols will also look out for those committing red-light offences at traffic light junctions.

Sir Graham Bright, Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner, has enthusiastically supported the operation. He has said: “The law is the law, whether you are talking about pedestrians, cyclists or motorists. But there are more bicycles per head of population in Cambridge than almost anywhere else in the world.”

Special Superintendent John Haslop has also spoken out in favour of the operation: “This is another chance to educate cyclists and enforce the law. There is a lot of dangerous cycling within Cambridge. We want to tackle this problem and reduce the number of collisions and more than 30 Specials will be working on this operation.”

Annie, a first year English student, told The Tab: “I think this is a great idea. I’m sure people will be irritated by it but I’ll feel safer on the roads.”

But Simon, a second year NatSci, was more sceptical about the value of the operation: “Nice that the police will fine me for using the bike that they can’t stop someone from stealing.”