Simon Burdus’ bid to keep the Mahal alive curries no favour with the owners of 3 Millers Yard.

Simon Burdus’ bid to keep the Mahal alive has hit a brick wall.

Speaking to The Tab, and breaking the news on his Facebook page, the Big Fish legend confirmed that “the Mahal will definitely be no more.”

He went on to explain that the owners had refused to take the property to market and as a result, the chances of the building housing a curry-splattered swap venue in the future are very slim indeed.

He added:  “I have a horrible feeling that it is going to become offices.”

Simon’s team had considered trying to find an alternative location in Cambridge for the ‘home of swaps’, but pricing concerns have to date made the search for a similar sized venue impossible.

At the time of writing, local rivals Curry Garden and Curry King were unavailable for comment on recent events concerning their rival curry house.