Cyber Attacker Charged

A man has been charged for multiple offences related to hacking Cambridge University computers.

Cambridge computers hacking Hermes nullcrew

A hacker who targeted University of Cambridge websites has been charged.

Lewys Martin, 20, from Walmer in Kent, who is currently serving time in prison for burglary, was charged for stealing and using personal data and for allegedly failing to disclose passwords to protected information.

He is also accused of targeting the websites of Oxford University and Kent Police and will appear at Maidstone Magistrates’ Court on 20th December.

According to police, Martin is charged with eight counts of “unauthorised acts of intent to impair operation of, or prevent/hinder access to, a computer” and three counts of “unauthorised computer access with intent to commit other offences.”.

He is also charged with four counts of obtaining “an article for supply for use to commit/to assist in commission of computer misuse offence” and two counts of failing “to comply with a Section 49 notice to disclose the key to protected information.”

The accusations follow an inquiry by the Kent Police’s Special Branch Investigations Team and Digital Forensic Unit.

The University’s computers have been subject to numerous attacks in recent months and it is not yet clear whether Martin is linked to NullCrew, the Julian Assange-supporting hacking group.