TabTV Does The News

TabTV News brings you everything you need to know. Everything.

Cambridge University Mock News News poppy damon Seb Sutcliffe tabtv University of Cambridge

Living in the Cambridge bubble it can be tough work keeping up with current affairs! So the team have concocted this gem… TabTV News anchors Maria Jones and Jeremy Porter bring you the headlines and goings on in a bite-size length News show, imaginatively titled TabTV News.

Interested in writing/directing/producing for TabTV? Let us know! [email protected]

Anchors: Seb Sutcliffe and Poppy Damon

Neville Dogsbody: Matt Lim

“Andy Murray”: Baskaran Sripthmanathan

Written by Matt Lim, Poppy Damon, Sebastian Sutcliffe, Emily Dance, Harriet Bean and Nick Harris

Directed by James Wakeling

Produced by Aud Haugen Fougner, James Wakeling and Max Toomey