CamFM Going for Gold

Cambridge’s student radio station is going for a world record.

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CamFM, Cambridge’s student radio station, is attempting to break the world record for the longest continuous team broadcast.

The attempt has been going since 10am on Wednesday morning and will need to carry on until after 11am on Saturday in order to beat the current world record of 73 hours by Doncaster local radio station, SineFM. The record has previously been held by ex-Radio 1 DJ, Chris Moyles.

The world record effort celebrates the launch of the station’s second studio and will raise money for Children in Need.

According to the rules set out by the Guinness World Records team, the two DJs must broadcast continuously to break the world record and are allowed only 20 minute breaks in which they can eat, wash and enjoy a power-nap.

Harry Smy, CamFM’s ARU Liaison Officer and one of the DJs taking part, has also been largely responsible for the launch of an additional studio in the heart of the ARU campus. Smy promises that the two will “go slowly insane while being trapped in a studio for over 3 days.”

Station Manager Ben Weisz said: “The new studio is a vital next step towards our ambition to have 24 hour broadcasting by the end of 2013. It will enable us to train presenters at Anglia Ruskin while a show goes out live at John’s.

“Here’s to the end of a fantastic year for the station, and while Harry and I go slowly delirious in the studio, why not spare a penny for Children in Need?”