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It’s all about menswear this week and we’ve picked out some key trends, which aim to achieve a sophisticated, yet quirky look for this autumn. First up, we’ve focused on print, especially Aztec and floral, as they’re fantastic for livening up an outfit when mixed with plainer items.

During the summertime, simpler is better, but when winter approaches think of the fun you can have experimenting with different, and more intricate layers. Start with lighter basics, then, add either a suave waistcoat or knitted tank top, any jacket should then suit, especially tweed and corduroy, which guarantee a town-and-country look. Additionally, why not also try layering neckwear with patterned scarves and more formal cravats.

Finally, don’t shy away from bold colour. Coloured trousers have been extremely popular this year, and don’t forget about them. Liven your outfit up further by bringing this colour in elsewhere, but never make the mistake of wearing it in more than two different shades!

 Stylist: Helena Izett

Assistant Stylist: Dolf Bebink

Photographer: Nick Rutter

Models: Joey Akubeze, Ed Eustace and Hugh Wyld.

Clothes from: ASOS, Topman, CountryRoad and Judy’s Vintage Fair.