The Great Recession Escape

Fancy running off to foreign countries instead of getting a real job? ARON SOLOMONS runs you through your options.

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Not too long ago employers were begging to snap us Cantabs up.

While doing my college’s telephone campaign last summer, alumni would relay me tales of these now seemingly extinct ‘milk-rounds’ where it seems everyone was offered a job.

Alas this is no longer the case. While Europe’s economy continues to grow at the same pace that Dawn French would tackle an obstacle course, prospects will remain grim. Saddled with our own, as well as Greece’s Parthenon-sized debt, perhaps we should be looking beyond Britain for our futures…

One of the more rewarding things you’ll ever do                                                                                      

Teach English Abroad

Most of us hit the international jackpot having English as our first language and there are millions of people all around the world who could use your lingual assistance. Get in contact with companies like TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) and you could be spending a year earning your keep somewhere as far-flung as South Korea or the Philippines.

Save the world

Capitalism is overrated. Spend your time alleviating global poverty or saving the endangered Bolivian raccoon. There are loads of options to volunteer all around the world and they’re not all ridiculous arrangements where you pay extortionate amounts to spend your time helping those less fortunate. You can even volunteer closer to home: organisations such as City Year give you the opportunity to spend a year assisting in an under performing school in the UK.


This little guy needs your help

The one-way flight

One for the braver souls. Work nine to five in a shop somewhere until you can afford a plane fare, then take the first flight out of Heathrow and see what happens. Australia is a common option for Brits looking to spend some time abroad, and if you can get down under there are tonnes of jobs in anything from ranching to bar work. If you want to be slightly more sensible, companies like Ozintro can help find you employment, secure a visa, and set up a bank account.

Work in a BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China)

Although the European economy is as saturated as a McDonalds chip stuck at the bottom of the fryer, global emerging markets are growing at an alarming rate. Major companies like Tata (who recently acquired Jaguar) are offering India-based internships for English grads. If Asia doesn’t appeal, who wouldn’t want to spend their days working in Rio and enjoying weekends on Copacabana beach? Websites like can help you find employment in the developing world.


Copacabana – because, why not?

Ski Season

If you’re going to stay in Europe then why not head to the mountains? There are plenty of positions available all over France, Austria and Switzerland ranging from being a ski instructor to a chalet host. Companies like Skiworld can help you find a placement. Of course, the more adventurous of you can spend a season in Canada, or even New Zealand.

So there you have it. If your finals are looming all-too large, and you’re yet to secure the steady job that would make even grandma proud, never fear. Taking time out after Cambridge needn’t be just a frivolous Gap yah.