Valentine’s Day: Better Single?

Why the singletons do the Day of Dread the best.

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It’s never been my favourite day of the year. Last year, I spent the evening at LGBT drinks, then went to a gay bar (to clarify, despite what my Mum thinks, I’m not actually gay). Once my friends had all found that ‘special someone’, I walked home by myself, holding a heart balloon. Not fun.

To sum up the rest of my V-Day experiences, I’ve received two gifts in total: a rose from my Dad, and a Rolo from my sister. I also had one ‘date’ when I cooked for my best friend… who’s a girl. (Still not gay).

And so as you can probably imagine, having been single for every 14th February I can remember, my views towards this day of love are utterly biased. But despite all this I’m definitely not bitter at my lack of Valentine’s action.

Now that’s a woman who knows the meaning of fun.

All V-Day is is a test of your relationship. Does he take you out? And if so, where, what he buys you and overall effort are all tests he’s bound to fail. He’s annoyed because ‘I can’t use my Orange Wednesday Pizza Express Voucher’, you’re angry because he bought you some awful Lush gift-set when you very clearly and unsubtly suggested the matching earrings to your Tiffany necklace.

You both just end up pissed off at each other, making awkward conversation while trying to work out the most flattering way to eat spaghetti.

Remember the Apprentice episode where Raef and co. introduced National Singles’ Day? Definitely on to a winner there. If couples can hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes any day of the year, us singletons need a day that legitimizes watching Bridget Jones (yes, guys as well) with our old friends Ben and Jerry. Whilst V-Day is pressure for some, it is the perfect excuse for the rest of us.

So, where will I be on Tuesday night? Cindies, dancing with my girls, drunkenly bellowing at one another that we’re amazing and there is someone out there who’ll appreciate us. I recommend you save yourself the angst of Valentine’s Day and join us. You’ll have a hell of a better evening.