Interview: Ghostpoet

ARON SOLOMONS catches up with Ghostpoet in an exclusive interview for The Tab.

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It’s been a busy year for Ghostpoet.

Since his album came out last February he has appeared on Jools Holland, been nominated for the Mercury prize and is currently in the middle of a European tour, having just got back to the UK after a couple of shows in Belgium.

I caught up with him as he was catching a train to his “old stomping ground” in Coventry. He talked about his first gig at The Tin Angel in the city – a small venue that could only fit twenty people. “This was beginning of something for me. The start of a learning curve, to be honest I’m still learning”. Although he enjoyed those early days, he is definitely happier leaving those “sheddy” times behind him.


Ghostpoet performing Survive It on Jools Holland

He came across very relaxed during our chat, clearly enjoying everything that has happened to him since he started out, only a couple of years ago. When I asked him about how he is handling his new-found success he joked “I’m still alive aren’t I?” before continuing, “It’s been amazing. I couldn’t even envisage what would happen to me, never mind actually experience it. It’s all about the music and creativity. I take life as seriously as I have to”.

We spoke about his album Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam, which he produced entirely himself. Unsurprisingly, I was keen to find out about the origin of the title. “It’s a summary of how I felt about the album – my emotions encapsulated. When I feel crappy I like to eat. I like peanut butter. I like jam. I don’t overthink things, if I came up with the name now it could very well have been something different.”


Ghostpoet- Cash and Carry Me Home

As an artist he is clearly keen to remain as far away from any genre pigeonholing as possible, describing his sound simply as “sound”, before chuckling and discussing his influences that range from his musical hero Thom Yorke to electronica and hip-hop. The moniker Ghostpoet itself was “subconsciously chosen to be a non-genre name”. He is also eternally thankful to Radio 1 DJ and owner of Brownswood Recordings Giles Perterson for facilitating his album release for a project that was, and still is, in many ways “lacking a definitive direction”.

Before we end our chat I ask him where he sees Ghostpoet in five years’ time. He pauses; “Staying happy – hopefully somewhere warm. Just soaking up life, collecting sounds and making music”.

Ghostpoet will be performing in Cambridge on Monday 13th February.