JOE PRITCHARD finds Fez fresh after a musical makeover.

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Fez Club, Sunday 22nd January, £4


Klubnacht at Fez more than lived up to its billing; the music was outstanding, the club was heaving before midnight and the general vibe was a refreshing change from the usual Cambridge scene.

I came to Fez with high expectations, having heard that the previous Klubnacht at Kambar had been a fantastic night. Although the layout and decor of Fez was recognisable, everything else had an overbearing sense of freshness about it. Throughout the night, a combination of student and pro DJs seamlessly mixed a wide range of house and disco tunes that sent the dance floor crazy.

Highlights included the live sax player David Robinson and an incredible vocal performance from Sam Laolu Oladeinde, a St. John’s choral scholar. to the song Music is the Answer (Dancin and Prancin) by Danny Tenaglia and Celeda. The night ended with the 1993 house classic Movin’ On by Roach Motel; the perfect culmination of a mix heavily influenced by early 1990s sounds. Arguably this emphasis on house music is exactly where electronic music is headed in 2012 with house producers Azari & III and Stay+ hotly tipped to dominate electronic music. Disco house is coming back and the Cambridge scene is staying right on the cutting edge.

The importance of these alternative nights cannot be stressed enough; they are simply vital to the Cambridge music scene. Some variety never does any harm. What’s more, Sunday night showed that Cambridge students do want something more than cheese and, when given the chance, they can produce something truly special.

Klubnacht is part of a new initiative collectively known as Body Shop, a project based around a new set of student club nights at Fez. The idea behind Body Shop is essentially to provide music lovers in Cambridge with an opportunity for a great night out away from the usual chart songs played in Cambridge clubs. There is no doubt in my mind that Amar and Olly (the brains behind Body Shop) will succeed in providing the most exciting and popular alternative nights out in Cambridge this year.

As well as ArcSoc and LGBT nights, there will be a second Klubnacht on the last Sunday of term and I strongly urge all lovers of house and disco to attend; you won’t be disappointed.