Naughty Notts Nude for Wonga

Nottingham Uni Polo have found a perky new way to make polo affordable.

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The girls of Nottingham Uni Polo Club have stripped down and laid bare (but for a good cause!).

The Polo Club has made a sexy calendar featuring members posing in polo-themed pics, wearing little more than lace undies.

Horsing around

Half the money raised will go to Help for Heroes, a charity close to the girls’ hearts after a close friend lost his legs while posted in Afghanistan.

“Removing a few items of clothing seems a small price to pay, compared to the one he paid,” says member Coco Carroll.

The other half will go towards equipment and tournament entry, as for many of the players, uni is the only place they will get a chance to try polo.

“We have members from every background,” says Ella. “We do what we can to make polo as affordable as possible.”

But the photos aren’t designed to be ‘sexy,’ with only a couple of the images being suggestive, says organiser and model Ella Cloake.

“It’s all relaxed and fun, and there is absolutely no expectation or pressure,” she tells us.

“We usually start shooting in September, and it’s a great way to integrate the freshers. We’re all very proud of it, and it’s a great conversation starter.”

Breast idea ever?

However the rising popularity of nude calendars has been attracting criticism.

A similar project by Leeds Uni’s equestrian society was slammed by Sky’s Colin Brazier on his blog in November last year, comparing it to a “porn shoot.

Buff in black and white

The calendar has also been accused of demonstrating gender imbalance. Some are asking why the guys aren’t stripping down to their underwear too.

Girton fresher Sam Peat pointed out that “the calendar seems to be marketed only at guys.” For those interested, among Cambridge’s own naked calendars, we found ‘one for the ladies’ featuring the Sidney Sussex rugby team.

Sidney rugby boys’ ballsy shot

As for the Nottingham students, “we’ve had a bit of negative attention, but on the whole people have been very supportive,” we’re assured.

The polo club’s 2012 calendar is available online for just £8. Money well spent.

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