BuyMyFace for Christmas!

Cantabs BuyMyFace spent the year selling their faces as ad space and made £500 for charity selling their faces for Christmas day!

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In our freshers’ week paper we introduced you to Ross Harper and Ed Moyse, Cambridge grads who decided to sell their faces as ad space to pay off their student loans.

Back then they hadn’t made a penny, but 80 days in, has racked up a whopping £11,000 in “biological real estate.”

Starting on October 1st with a £1 ad, the pair now charge well over £100 a day to slap on a logo and face the world.

Ross (left) and Ed (right) with the logo that counts

But the boys aren’t just glorified billboards, and have managed to have a whale of a time on the dime of the companies who hire them out.

“Altitude Solutions paid for us to go skydiving and Revolve Solutions paid for us to go the Royal Opera”, Ross told The Tab.

But their biggest scoop so far was Ernst and Young, who sent them on the Varsity Ski Trip. While most students paid over £300 to hit the slopes and party all night, the lads were paid £2,500 to “have the fun with our friends” in exchange for donning the company’s logo and getting as much attention as possible.

BuyMyFace hit the slopes

So far they’ve featured in over 180 newspapers, including the Daily Mail and The Sun. They’ve also appeared on TV show Russell Howard’s Got News – though the boys were “worried he would tear [BuyMyFace] apart”, Howard turned out to be a fan of their plan, and their show-stopping animal impressions.

Now the boys are getting into the festive spirit. They dressed up as elves to appear on BBC radio made a trip to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

BuyMyFace getting festive

But their big gesture has been donating their face-money from December 25th to the Alzheimer’s Society. After a bidding war on eBay with over eight bidders, the boys scooped £500 for the day from

Despite BuyMyFace’s success, the lads are sticking to their pledge to make the project one year only.  After their year as walking billboards is up, they hope to move on to a more regular job, which shouldn’t be difficult considering they’ve already bagged five job offers for being “the right sort of people”.

It just goes to show – having the right face can get you anywhere.