Holly’s Highlights: Week 5

Nursing a Dirty Double-related hangover, Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON feeds you the comforting soup of Culture as Week 5 hits.

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This week, I combined two of perhaps the most horrendous, put-your-head-in-your-hands-and-cry Cambridge institutions –  the dirty double at Cindies and the dawn of Week 5. If you have experienced a more potent mix of self-loathing and existentialist angst than I did waking up on Thursday morning(ish), I salute you. And expect your imminent, spectacular suicide. In light of this, all of my cultural highlights this week are HAPPY events, guaranteed to put a ridiculous grin on your face and help you sail through this week.

TV – Life in a Day

Where? iPlayer, YouTube

When? When you need your life affirmed

Why? I know it’s technically a film, and not technically on TV, but this – the first ever ‘crowd sourced’ film – is something special. It documents one day around the world – 24 July 2010, with scenes taken from 4,500 hours of submitted YouTube clips from 140 countries. Ignore Scott’s philosophizing about ‘elevating You Tube to the status of Art’ and enjoy the majestic subtlety of the film.


FILM – In Time

Where? Vue, The Grafton

When? Out now

Why? Bringing sexy back into science fiction, Justin Timberlake stars in Andrew Niccol’s (Lord of War, Simone, Gattaca) new film In Time. In that place where everything goes wrong (the near-future), everyone’s life is controlled by the days left that you have to work and live for. While that’s not very clear, it promises some inevitable twists, CGI explosions, and the least mean girl from Mean Girls. Promising stuff.


MUSIC – The Damned

Where? Cambridge Corn Exchange

When? 7.30pm, Friday 11th November

Why? The simple black and white posters have been silently appearing all over town. I didn’t quite want to believe my own eyes, but it seems it is happening – The Damned, the original punk rock band, are playing in Cambridge. I know I don’t look like it, but I have a bit of a thing for those of the punk persuasion. I want it to be epic. And if they don’t manage to make it feel like 1976, there is infinite comedy value in watching a bunch of antiquated rockers (two of them are called Captain Sensible and Monty Oxy Moron) attempting to pogo.


The Damned doing ‘Eloise’, in younger, less hairy days.

ART – Love Art After Dark

Where? Fitzwilliam Museum, Trumpington Street

When? 6.30-8.30pm, Wednesday 9th November

Why? This is a unique event in which you can wander around all the exhibits at the museum at night for free, including the excellent Vermeer exhibition, free glass of wine in hand, with music playing in all the galleries. I’m not sure what kind of music it will be, but unless it’s death metal, I can’t think of a single reason why you shouldn’t make a beeline for The Fitz. Did I mention the free wine?

It’s much more exciting at night


Where? Cambridge Corn Exchange

When? 8pm, Sunday 6th November

Why? While Gervais was doing his monkey dance in The Office (and just why did we think it was so funny back in 2003?), Stephen Merchant was quietly standing in the background, being quietly hilarious with his googly eyes and lumbering walk. Now we have had our surfeit of Gervais’s own particular brand of comedy, in which he exhibited an ego the size of the stratosphere, I can’t wait for Merchant’s stand-up, in which he just wants to seem a little bit shorter and get a girlfriend. Aww.

Looking good…

UNION – This House believes that Money is the Root of All Evil: Footlights vs. The Oxford Revue

Where? Union Society, Bridge Street

When? 7.30pm, Thursday 10th November

Why? If the Made in Chelsea vs. Footlights debate was anything to go by, this is going to be a little gem. There will be a sad lack of ruthlessly waxed posh twats, though as a consolation prize there will be a collective who don’t let the fact they go to The Other Place stop them from being brilliantly funny. I’m packing my Tena Ladies.

The Oxford Revue. Wait, bring back Ollie Locke!