Ooh La La! Cam Love Site Offers Trip To Paris

Love site Beginning, Middle, End reveals its final stage today – read the exciting, romantic conclusions here first.

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Valentine’s Day is coming early this year, for Cambridge at least.

The Tab can exclusively reveal that the final stage of quirky love site Beginning, Middle, End will involve live performances of real-life romances, and a free romantic holiday to Paris.

Cantab Cupid and Jesus student Olly Rees has already helped big-hearted students fire out over 600 romantic texts and 500 flowers with love-notes attached.

Olly’s stash of notes and flowers – “a logistical nightmare!”

And now the project’s dramatic climax: a live performance made up of the romances that have gone through Beginning, Middle, End since it started over the summer.

Olly told The Tab: “The play will feature stories made up from moments that we got given over the summer, supplemented by messages sent with texts and flowers.

“What I think is great is that every moment you see will be real – it will have happened. And the person that it happened to might be sitting next to you!”

Also called Beginning, Middle, End, the play is showing at the Corpus Playroom from November 15th-19th.

Max Upton, Fletcher Players President, describes the project as  “the most mysterious application we’ve ever had.”

“I’m just as intrigued as all of you to find out what it’s all about.”

But as well as showcasing the stories it’s created, Beginning, Middle, End has one last story to create – one pre-booking audience member at the play will win a romantic holiday for two to the city of love, Paris.

The holiday will be funded by ticket sales for the play, and will be more opulent the more people come.

Everyone else attending the play has also been promised their own mysterious “happy ending”, though it’s not the kind you get in Thailand.

Olly’s project has had a mostly positive reaction from students. He told The Tab: “I’ve got lots of lovely thank you emails from people who received texts and flowers (and one complaint from someone who hated the whole idea).”

Rosie Robson, second-year English student at Newnham and rose-recipient, said: “finding a rose with your name on it is such a wonderful start to the day, but I had more than a sneaking suspicion I was the butt of a sordid joke.”

Olly added that “The End is going to be amazing and is something that everyone in the project is really excited about!

“All I’d say to people is that money from ticket sales is going to go into an even better ending, so book book book!!”

Beginning, Middle, End is showing at the Corpus Playroom from November 15th-19th. Anyone who pre-books at beginningmiddleend.co.uk/book is in with a chance at the Paris holiday.