The Riverbar Steak And Wine Tasting

TOM RASMUSSEN and JOY STARKEY enjoy an evening of steak and wine tasting at The Riverbar.



It took us a little while to unearth the hidden entrance of The Riverbar Restaurant, which is tucked away on the riverside near Magdalene Bridge. And yet this elusive venue certainly had nothing to hide.

The Riverbar is an intimate but classy venue; the two-levelled eatery boasts one of the best restaurant views in Cambridge. The restaurant, which is situated in a distinctive 19th century bonded warehouse, describes itself as having a “relaxed brasserie feel.” It balances that fancy restaurant feel without being pretentious or making your average student feel trampy. The barman was most entertaining, and as he made our cocktails (raspberry daiquiri and Cosmo, if you must know) he told us about the origin of the of Cosmopolitan while he set Tom’s drink alight, which I’m pretty sure was intentional.

As the sky darkened, candles were lit giving the room the cosiness of a country cottage with the classiness of an upper east side bar, it changed from a bustling brassiere to a perfect first date venue. Just as Tom and I were starting to gaze into one another’s eyes with that wine-fuelled affection, it was unfortunately time to go. All I can say is, as we approach week 5, leave that essay on your desk and indulge yourself in a first class evening’s experience.

– Joy Starkey


As a self-proclaimed foodie (I like food) the eats at The Riverbar was by far the best meal I’ve eaten in Cambridge. The evening began with steak and wine tasting. These guys know their stuff: not only were the four different tasters perfectly cooked, they were teamed with wines that made the flavour of the steak bring you one step closer to heaven.

After our taster session, we were delighted to receive a three course dinner with the steak of our choice as the centre piece (of course Joy and I went for fillet). A divine salmon starter followed by what can only be described as butter that tastes of steak with hand-cut wedges, green beans and Bearnaise sauce made for an exceptional meal.

After having some fresh air we returned to the perfect finish – creme brulee. I can’t stress enough how fabulous the meal we had was. I also can’t stress enough how much you need to go to a Steak and Wine tasting evening at The Riverbar. This is not to be missed!

– Tom Rasmussen