Sidney’s Singer Goes Solo For Charity

A Sidney student and Tab favourite will be pedalling through the night in the aid of charity, with a bit of help from friends and The Wire.

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Sidney student and Tabster Jonny Singer will be cycling for six hours this evening as part of his college’s efforts to raise money for RAG.

Cambridge RAG encourage colleges to find different ways to raise money for charity, and Sidney have decided to raise money through a 24-hour cycle on an exercise bike.

The premise is that people can pay £2 to cycle for fifteen minutes, and people keep doing this all day. However, Jonny has decided to do the graveyard shift of 12-6am all by himself.

While the college would have expected to make around £200 originally, the marathon effort will hike up the total by at least another £300 already.

Kirsty Potter, RAG President this year, told The Tab: “The time and effort on behalf of RAG that’s going into the 24 hour cycle at Sidney Sussex is incredible, particularly in the case of the guy who’s cycling through the night.”

Some of Jonny’s friends will also be involved throughout the midnight (exercise) bike ride, and they plan to watch the entire season 2 of The Wire between 7pm and 7am.

Much of the individual sponsorship money will depend on performance though. With many sponsoring per mile, the pressure is on the second year historian to deliver.

The Sidney student’s time as Tab Sports Editor was not without disaster

On the cycle itself, he said: “I honestly have no idea about how its going to go. It seemed like a good idea when I thought of it, but I’ve never really cycled for anything like that long before.

“I’ve not really trained much, and I just hope I can get through it. In the end though it’s for a great cause, and the whole 24 hours should raise a really good amount of money for charity.”

If you want to pledge any money to the cause, you can do it on here, by emailing [email protected], or by turning up at Sidney JCR tonight.