X Factor: All Image, No Talent?

This year’s X Factor has seen real talent replaced by average singers, channeling some very odd looks.

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Forgive me if I’m being naïve, but there was I thinking that The X Factor was a talent show. I knew that the show would be different following Simon’s departure, but I never realised that the talent would emigrate with him.

This year, endearing and ordinary people (cheeky chappy Olly Murs is a particular favourite) have been replaced with very average singers channelling some very odd looks.Unfortunately, the show’s success, and the inevitability of the winner securing the Christmas number one before fading into oblivion (except Olly Murs, again), has obviously gone to the judges’ heads. Their intention to create a brand has been clear from the very outset.

Johnny Robinson: camped-up for his Kylie rendition 

Nit-infested Frankie Cocozza seems to be getting through the competition on the fact that he’s got with loads of girls, and the fact that his hair has got progressively messier and his jeans progressively tighter –  feeding Gary’s desire to secure the teenage female vote.

Whilst we were able to love the likes of Jedward because of their inability not to take themselves too seriously, there is something uncomfortable about watching Johnny Robinson singing Kylie in a kimono, stencilled in dark eyeliner, without the slightest awareness that his camp persona is being exploited. Poor Johnny doesn’t realise that the bizarre song choices, staging and costume detract from the reason he thinks he’s here – his voice.

And then there’s Kitty. Kitty still thinks she’s going to win the competition looking like a drag queen prostitute – so fair play to her. I just hope that the desire to promote Misha B as a ‘diva’ does not go to her head and prevent the girl with the greatest talent from winning.

Perhaps if we concentrate on those not taking centre stage – Janet, Sophie, Craig and Marcus – we have a greater chance of talent reigning at the show’s conclusion. Because otherwise the show truly has become a gimmick.