Jodie Marsh: An Unlikely Icon

Although a rippling female Hercules might not be the physique you desire, Jodie Marsh’s proud display of her bodybuilding body is a laudable act of feminism.

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A former glamour model famed for numerous transformations, frequent calls for attention and that very odd nose is not your usual feminist icon.

And yet Jodie Marsh’s recent revelation of her bodybuilding physique could teach us some important lessons.

Jodie Marsh’s new image

Although a rippling female Hercules might not be the body you desire, Jodie’s proud display of her new look is a laudable act of feminism. Gone are the days when she starved herself just so she could appear in reputable lad’s mags. Instead Jodie has worked hard to develop an image that does not conform to our perceptions of female beauty.

She may still be stripped down to her bikini, but the recent photos of Jodie, mimicking the pose of triumphant heroes, should make us proud.  It is refreshing to see her genuine look of happiness, as opposed to glassy-eyed females of magazine culture.

Rather than controlling her diet to impress men, Jodie has embarked on a strenuous exercise regime to develop a body that is a testament to true hard work and determination. Yes, body building has its primary focus on the body, and relies on disgusting amounts of fake tan, but if you’re doing it for your own sense of accomplishment then surely that’s what counts.

Jodie’s proud displays of her body would have irritated me in the past, as vulgar signs of an attention-seeking individual. Yet now they show me that beauty truly is in the eye of beholder. Society seeks to define what is aesthetically acceptable – a flawed task when there is such a huge array of beauty.

If you want to be a body builder, be my guest and enjoy your three-hour training sessions and excessive numbers of eggs.

But if not, be happy with who you are (and enjoy an easier life).