Rugby Blues Rover The Moon With New Sponsors

Jack Wills have sealed a deal to sponsor Varsity rugby this year, and have taken stash to new levels by chucking in some complimentary cars.

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Clothing retailer Jack Wills has sorted out a lucrative deal to sponsor the Varsity rugby match for the next four years, providing plenty of stash for the Cambridge boys.

The Light Blues have been kitted out both on and off the field by the British company. As well as getting equipment, playing tops and training tops, they’ve also bagged jackets and ties as part of the deal. It’s quite a coup, as Jack Wills sell their jackets for over £200 in stores.

And Matt Guinness-King, the Cambridge skipper, is getting even more freebies than the rest. Speaking to The Tab last week, he said: “I just got my big special perk dropped off today: a Landrover. I’m pretty pleased with that one.”

Matt poses with his new car

The car will be seen for the next four years around Cambridge, but Guinness-King will only get to keep it for as long as he’s Captain.

The move by Jack Wills to sponsor the Cambridge-Oxford match – being held at Twickenham on December 8th – shows more signs of them trying to fit their “university outfitters” brand. They already sponsor Varsity polo, and have previously tried to work out a sponsorship deal with with Cambridge college rugby teams.

The Oxford team also get the benefits of kits and a car. The Cambridge one looks better though…

The Light Blues will be hoping to forget the disappointment of last year’s defeat against The Other Place, and have started well with some solid wins so far this season.

Read Rupert Mercer’s interview with Matt Guinness-King about the season so far, what went wrong last year, and why Oxford don’t even need thinking about, in the paper copy of The Tab, at a plodge near you.