Best Dressed: King’s Affair

The Tab were at King’s Affair to snap the Best Dressed. The standard was high.

King's Affair Queens' Siana Bangura Wolfson

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Joe Day from King’s, Mickey Starry from Wolfson, Robert Athol from Clare and Chloe Kroter, from King’s.

Kieron Kumar, Emma Nunn, Mark Hardy, Tom Wright from King’s.

Kieran Eusden, Rebecca Senior, Jess Middleton all from King’s.

Osh and Lukas Huhn from King’s

Linda Du from King’s and Nicolas Camps from St. Catz.

Siana Bangura, Peterhouse.

Paul Bearnette, Nadia Mkinsi King, Joshua Hooper-Kay, Lucie Pulschke and Sean Dobbyn.