Trinity Hall June Event

DAVID HOLLAND ODs on OJ and struggles to hear Nero at Tit Hall’s June Event.

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In Technicolour

22nd June 2011, £76

Tit Hall’s June Event was colourful. It may not have been big, brash, or even a ball; but colourful it most certainly was.

The theme was great: highly original, yet abstract enough to allow pretty much anything. Last night, Tit Hall looked fantastic; the décor wasn’t wild, and there were no real centrepieces, but the college itself, bathed in different glows, was enough to make you really appreciate the theme.

But, the layout of the college doesn’t lend well to a ball – too many stairs and too many small courts mean you end up disorientated and lost all too often.

To be fair, my navigational difficulties may have been partially alcohol induced. You see, there were a lot of cocktails on offer: green vodka + orange juice, blue vodka + orange juice, and yellow vodka + orange juice. It seems odd to criticise a ball for too much orange juice, but after the first hour, my stomach felt like it was filled with battery acid. For the non-OJ fans there was also ‘toilet duck’ flavoured cocktails, and a curious green fella that tasted exactly like Basics mouth wash. Not a brilliant selection from the two biggest bars. But, strong G+Ts and shark buckets meant that everyone was pissed by 11pm. Perfect.

The Technicolour Tit Hall Library

Food was fairly standard with no real culinary highlights; burgers and pizza were filling and the fajitas were tasty. On the side there were doughnuts, ice cream, and popcorn. And absolutely no queues. Excellent.

The entertainment was probably the biggest issue of the night – it’s not a good sign when the biggest rush of the ball is people leaving the headline act. The only audible noise for Nero’s first three tracks was the audience chanting: “louder, louder, louder!” He did plead with the crowd that neither he, nor the committee, could increase the volume, but I was standing in the centre of the tent and didn’t have to raise my voice to have a conversation. Not ideal. Whilst I don’t doubt Nero’s DJing skills, it’s hard to appreciate the music when it sounds like its being played through some shit’s headphones sitting in front of you in a library.

Credit has to be given to Itchy Feet who finished of the ents in excellent style, pulling in about three times the crowd that Nero managed. Acoustic sets in the main hall were also fun, and the only problem was the incredible wave of heat generated by the revellers in the hall.

All in all, a fun night, but it was too quiet, too unspectacular, and involved far too much orange juice.

Food and drink:

Value for money:

Wow factor:

Star Attraction: Prettiness and lack of queues

Biggest turn-off: Ridiculously quiet ents