May Bumps: Day 1 Round Up

HENRY CHARRINGTON and SIMON BAJKOWSKI look back at the First Day of May Bumps 2011, and preview tomorrow’s racing.

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Bumps made a welcome return to the Cambridge calendar after a relatively stagnant term of sport through exams, and Day 1 certainly did not disappoint. The weather and several pleasure cruisers threatened to spoil affairs, but with bumps, overbumps, pileups, broken oars, and re-rows, rowing came back with a bang.

The Big Picture: As far as pictures can go this early on, the tone does seem to have been set for the week. Caius signalled their intent in M1 with a bump on Pembroke and will look to take the headship of FaT tomorrow, an equally strong-looking Downing took the headship that they practically owned in Lents in the W1 division. The story of the day undoubtedly came in the M3 division though, where a tremendous crash before the race had even begun ensured a lengthy delay to proceedings. While FaT III were preparing for a trial start outside The Plough, Caius III came ploughing (no pun intended) right into the back of them, smashing oars in the process and causing a huge holdup. The organizesrs deserve credit too for getting the schedule back on track by the end of the day – it was a long day for all ocncerned. Team of the day goes to Catz boat club, for a splendid overall performance that saw all five of their boats bump up.

Division by division here’s our account of the day’s results, and predictions for tomorrow.


1 First and Third
2 Caius +1
3 Pembroke -1
4 Downing +1
5 Jesus -1
6 Catz +1
7 Lady Margaret -1
8 Queens’
9 Fitzwilliam
10 Magdalene
11 Trinity Hall
12 Clare +1
13 Emmanuel -1
14 King’s
15 Christ’s +1
16 First and Third II -1
17 Churchill
18 Robinson

Analysis: Bumps for Catz, Downing, Caius, Clare, Christ’s. Caius continue to look unstoppable, bumping Pembroke by Ditton. Catz similarly looked rapid, bumping LMBC in the gut, having built up a significant lead over Queens’ behind them. Clare made good use of their returners to bump Emma, while FaT II were way out of their depth. Caius seemed to think they bumped Pembroke earlier than Pembroke care to admit, and didn’t hesitate in letting Pembroke know this after the bump. Whatever happened, this just serves to show just how competitive bumps can get.

Predictions: Caius to go head. There will be an interesting race between Downing and Pembroke, although Pembroke may be helped by the clear water they should get if Caius bump FaT. Catz to bump Jesus quickly. Fitz just managed to hold off Magdalene yesterday, and will need to produce another great row to do the same, expect Magdalene to make the bump though. Churchill should be confident of bumping Fat II.


1 Downing +1
2 Pembroke -1
3 Christ’s
4 Emmanuel
5 Lady Margaret
6 Newnham +1
7 Caius -1
8 Jesus
9 Clare +1
10 First and Third -1
11 Queens’
12 Catz +1
13 Girton -1
14 Trinity Hall
15 Magdalene
16 King’s +1
17 Churchill -1
18 Pembroke II

Analysis: Bumps for King’s, Catz, Clare, Newnham, Downing. As expected, Downing took the headship with ease, and will look to hold it all week. Newnham managed to bump Caius just before Caius hit LMBC, some close racing there. Clare dispatched with FaT efficiently, while Catz pulled out a strong performance to bump Girton.

Downing to stay head, all week. Christ’s have a good chance of catching Pembroke, while LMBC will be pushed to keep Newnham off their tail. Whether Catz can bump Queens’ before Queens’ hit FaT will be worth a watch. My guess is that FaT will be the first to be bumped.

1 Robinson
2 Peterhouse
3 Downing II +1
4 Selwyn -1
5 Girton +1
6 Lady Margaret II -1
7 Homerton
8 Caius II
9 Jesus II +1
10 St. Edmund’s -1
11 Anglia Ruskin
12 Sidney Sussex +1
13 Darwin -1
14 Christ’s II +1
15 Wolfson -1
16 Pembroke II +1
17 Queens’ II -1
18 Corpus Christi (sandwich boat)

Analysis: Bumps for Pembroke, Christ’s, Sidney, Jesus, Downing, Girton. Many bumps in this division, although in some interesting circumstances. LMBC II managed to put 4 lengths over Girton, and were within half a length of Downing, but ended up missing out on the bump as Downing bumped Selwyn, and then were bumped by Girton at the railway bridge. A bad result for St Edmunds, despite their blues rowers, while Sidney continued a good day with a bump on Darwin. Homerton and Caius II managed to get close to the action with LMBC and Girton at the end, will definitely be some enjoyable racing there today.

Predictions: LMBC could potentially reverse yesterday’s bump today if they produce a similar start to their one yesterday, but they will have to be on top game, as Girton otherwise look sure to bump Selwyn. Caius II will be able to hold off Jesus II. Sidney should have ARU, who didn’t look particularly strong yesterday. Corpus will hope to get out sandwich boat position by bumping Queens’ II.


1 Pembroke II
2 Selwyn
3 Peterhouse +1
4 Jesus II -1
5 Emmanuel II +1
6 Robinson -1
7 Sidney Sussex +1
8 Anglia Ruskin -1
9 Murray Edwards +1
10 Darwin -1
11 Fitzwilliam +1
12 Lady Margaret II -1
13 Newnham II +1
14 Homerton -1
15 Clare II
16 Hughes Hall +1
17 Downing II -1
18 Corpus

Analysis: Bumps for Newnham, Fitz, Murray Edwards, Sidney, Emma, Peterhouse. Sidney and Murray Edwards both looked very quick, although were certainly helped by the slow boats in front of them. Newnham II showed good speed, as did Fitz.

Predictions: Sidney to close on Robinson early on, and FItz and Murray Edwards to do the same to Darwin and ARU respectively. LMBC will have to work hard to keep off Newnham, they’ll be hoping for the boats above them to bump out ahead of them to give them some calm water. Peterhouse to get very close to Selwyn, and should have the confidence from yesterday of their ability to make the bump.


1 Corpus Christi +1
2 Emmanuel II -1
3 Clare II
4 Selwyn II
5 Lady Margaret III
6 St. Catharine’s II +1
7 First and Third III -1
8 Hughes Hall +1
9 Magdalene II -1
10 Peterhouse II +
1?11 Fitzwilliam II -1
12 Robinson II +1
13 Churchill II -1
14 Trinity Hall II
15 Caius III
16 Emmanuel III
17 Girton II
18 Queens’ III (sandwich boat)

Analysis: Bumps for Robinson, Peterhouse, Hughes Hall, Catz, Corpus. This division caused a huge amount of controversy yesterday, before the racing had even started. From what we know, Caius III (the ‘dogs gonads’) did a practice start into a stationery FaT boat, breaking their blades, causing a delay as new blades were fetched. In the end, Caius were given a £100 fine for ‘dangerous coxing’, indeed, their headship winning cox from last term subbed in at the last moment to take control for the race itself. Aside from this, Corpus took themselves up to sandwich boat position, while Catz II had no trouble with Fat III. Bumps throughout the middle of the race kept everyone entertained, despite the delay in the division start.

Predictions: Catz II to bump LMBC III, while Hughes Hall (or ‘Blues Hall’) would hope that the calibre of some of their crew is enough to take down a slow FatIII. Both Robinson and Peterhouse should continue their upwards ascent. Tit Hall should get the bump on Churchill, and will hope to do so quickly, having been slowed down by them yesterday after they bumped out.


1 Corpus Christi
2 Trinity Hall II +3
3 Caius II +1
4 Queens’ II
5 Magdalene II -3
6 Wolfson +1
7 Girton II -1
8 Christ’s II
9 Pembroke III +1
10 First and Third II -1
11 Selwyn II +1
12 Emmanuel III -1
13 St. Catharine’s II +1
14 St. Edmund’s -1
15 Clare Hall +1
16 Jesus III -1
17 Newnham III +1
18 Addenbrooke’s -1

Analysis: Overubmp for Tit Hall, bumps for Wolfson, Pembroke, Selwyn, Catz, Clare Hall, Newnham. Good result for Tit Hall II, they’ll have to push hard to keep off Caius today. The lower part of this division provided many bumps for the neutral supporter, and, as ever, provided the carnage that one comes to expect from lower divisions.

Predictions: Newnham III to rise up the ranks, as the rest of their club appears to be doing so convincingly at the moment. Wolfson should have a good chance at bumping Magdalene after Magdalene’s poor performance yesterday. Expect Christ’s II to bump Girton, and Selwyn to bump FaT.


1 Queens’ III
2 Wolfson II
3 King’s II +1
4 Darwin II -1
5 Pembroke III +1
6 Jesus III -1
7 Clare Hall +1
8 Selwyn III -1
9 Downing III
10 St. Catharine’s III +1
11 First and Third IV -1
12 Clare III
13 Trinity Hall III +1
14 Corpus Christi II -1
15 St. Edmund’s II +1
16 Lady Margaret IV -1
17 Jesus IV +1
18 Christ’s III -1

Analysis: Bumps for Jesus, St. Ed’s, Tit Hall, Catz, Clare Hall, Pembroke, King’s. With only 4 boats rowing over, this was an exciting division for everyone on the bank, and looks set to continue that way throughout the rest of the week.

Predictions: In this territory it starts to become anyone’s guess, though Kings II have looked fast all term, so one would expect them to bump Wolfson quickly. Downing should have a chance at Selwyn, provided they can keep off Catz behind them.


1 Newnham III
2 Murray Edwards II +1
3 Darwin II -1
4 Sidney Sussex II
5 First and Third III +1
6 Churchill II -1
7 Homerton II technical rowover
8 Fitzwilliam II technical rowover
9 Christ’s III technical rowover
10 King’s II +1
11 Queens’ III -1
12 Hughes Hall II
13 Peterhouse II +1
14 Clare III -1
15 Selwyn III +3
16 Pembroke IV +1
17 Jesus IV -1
18 Trinity Hall III -3

Analysis: Overbump for Selwyn, bumps for Pembroke, Peterhouse, King’s, FaT, Murray Edwards. Selwyn cemented their position in this division with an overbump, while Homerton, Fitz and Christ’s were all awarded technical rowovers.

Predictions: Christ’s will hope to make amends for yesterday, and look good to catch Fitz. Selwyn to catch Clare, while Sidney should be confident of catching a slow Darwin crew.


1 Jesus IV
2 Magdalene III
3  Christ’s IV +1
4   Sidney Sussex II -1
5 First and Third V
6  Homerton II +1
7  Churchill III -1
8  Pembroke IV +1
9  Caius IV -1
10  Hughes Hall II +1
11  Jesus V -1
12 Robinson III
13  Sidney Sussex III +1
14  Fitzwilliam III -1
15  King’s III +1
16  Pembroke V -1
17 Addenbrooke’s

Analysis: Bumps for Homerton, Pembroke, Hughes Hall, Sidney III, King’s. A bit of a nightmare for Sidney II, as their 3 man came off his seat, leaving them a man down. Pembroke stopped complete Caian dominance, while Hughes Hall II saved embarrassment by bumping Jesus’ fifth boat.

Predictions: Homerton to catch FaT. Kings to bumps Fitz, while Sidney II will hope to avoid any more seat related disasters, and bump back. Sidney III to catch Robinson after a quick bump on Fitz yesterday.


1 Lady Margaret V
2 Girton III
3 Queens’ IV +1
4 Lady Margaret VI -1
5 Christ’s V
6 Downing IV
7 Clare IV +1
8 Girton IV -1
9 Emmanuel IV technical rowover
10 Magdalene IV technical rowover
11 King’s IV +1
12 Downing V -1
13 Churchill IV rerow
14 Corpus Christi III rerow
15 Queens’ V +1
16 Hughes Hall III -1
17 Selwyn IV
18 Sidney Sussex IV

Analysis: Bumps for Queens’, King’s, Clare, Queens’. A good start for Queens’, as both of their crews in the lower division bumped. Sidney only heard they’d be racing at 10pm the night before, perhaps not the ideal preparation.

Predictions: Queens’ to carry on with some lower boats dominance. With broken blades, technical rowovers, and rerows galore, this division provides entertainment of a completely different kind to the top divisions; it really is anyone’s game.

A good start today, with plenty in it for the neutrals. Tomorrow’s racing promises even more than today did. Expect a few more overbumps (my prediction), more carnage in the lower divisions, and some superb contests near to the top.

The Tab will be there once more. Follow our live coverage HERE.