More Cambridge Bashing From National Surveys

A well known student accommodation website has Cambridge as one of the worst uni towns for student life.

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Another lifestyle survey, another rubbishing of the Cambridge experience: the city has now been voted one of the worst places to live in terms of student facilities.

That well-known student accommodation website,, has conducted a study of 46,000 student responses in over 60 university towns where students were asked to rate various aspects of their town including going out, restaurants, shops, transport and safety.

Newcastle topped the rankings, getting an overall rating of 64%, while a string of unis tied for second place and Oxford came with a respectable 60%. Cambridge managed to scrape in at only 56% though, only 8% above the worst town – Salford.

This news comes just days after Cambridge came low down in the table of average sexual partners per student while at uni. It has also been highlighted in the past as having unusually large amounts of crime and loads of unoriginal shops.

Asked how this series of unwanted accolades might put people off applying to Cambridge, CUSU Access Officer told The Tab: “Whilst most people are well aware of the academic reasons for considering studying at Cambridge, it is really important that we continue to push the message that being at Cambridge does not mean you can’t have a social life.

We might not be London in terms of nightlife but students are still able to enjoy themselves!”

Other students didn’t seem bothered by the findings. Corpus fresher Heather Shand said, “I think Cambridge is a really safe place to live. It doesn’t really matter that the public transport is not great because none of us use it anyway.” Her friend Katie Young added, “I really like Cindies.”

Summing up what many people think, third year Rob Hayes told The Tab: “Cambridge is the place to be. But not if you like clubbing. Then it’s shit”.