Sex-Starved Or Just Faithful?

New survey results show that students at nearly every other uni have more sexual partners than those here in Cambridge.

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A recent survey has revealed that Cambridge students have almost the lowest number of sexual partners in the country.

The table, compiled by popular offers website studentbeans, used data from 2,284 sexually active students from across the UK. And Cambridge came in at a lowly 56th out of 61, with only 3.7 sexual partners per student.

For once, unis like Oxford (32nd) Durham (50th) can enjoy looking at a table that doesn’t see them enviously gazing up at Tabland. The big award goes to Glamorgan University though, averaging almost 11 partners per student.

The Tab‘s own survey results from last term suggest that hardly any Cambridge students were included in this survey, with only 8% claiming to have sex on a daily basis.

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But, the results may not necessarily spell bad news. Cambridge’s place near the bottom of the rankings could easily mean that lots of you are having sex just with their other halves. Or just a few people.

The studentbeans survey also shows that sex isn’t at top of everybody’s agenda, as more students thought their mobile phone and Facebook was more important.

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But, three in 10 students admitted to missing lectures because they were having sex, while over one in 10 miss them because they are masturbating or watching porn.

Overall, the results seem to suggest what many people think: more people have more sex at unis other than Cambridge. However, there is some light at the end of the sex-starved tunnel.

Sidney old girl Carol Vorderman, whose daughter Katie will study Physics at Caius next year, was one of the top five female sex symbols alongside Emma Watson and Cheryl Cole.