Theatre Guide Dawg: Week 4

Everyone’s favourite Thespian canine puts the G back in Guide-Dog in anticipation of an admittedly sparse week of Theatre.

Dead Poets gangster highlight Impeccable Flow John Lewis Cambridge Drama Group MC Mixy Prepare To Meet Thy Tomb Tamar Mciner The Theatre Guide Dog

You can tell straightaway I’m a dawg and I’m here ta
Guide your unknowing souls to the Theatre;
Readers hear and Mainshows fear,
I sneer and jeer but nobody steers me
Away from my prey, every day I keep advisin’,
Ain’t nobody hidin’ from my bark or my bling.

Perhaps rap isn’t my calling after all, but it seemed fitting given the esteemed company the ADC is hosting this week. Students have fled, but some quirky new amateurs have moved in to hold the fort. If you want to jeer and joy with your compeers, one night in Corpus is all you get this week.

Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb 25th-28th May

The John Lewis Cambridge Drama Group (really)  make their contribution to the venerable ‘Old Dark House‘ tradition. Expect tongue-in-cheek murder (the best kind) through a gamut of sinister schemes. Kind of like live Cluedo, I guess. If that’s not a recommendation I don’t know what is.

ADC at 7.45  £6-10

Dead Poets 25th May

The reason for my outfit. ‘The Poet Laureate of Peterborough’ (lofty) meets MC Mixy in a battle of rhymes and rhymez. Oddly, they’re both alive and Robin Williams is nowhere to be seen. There may or may not be a plot, but presumably the message will be something along the lines of “look how unexpectedly well this old thing and this new thing go together”. The Scotsman liked it at the Fringe last year, so maybe it’s better than my smarm is letting on.

ADC at 11  £5-6

Highlight (staged reading) 27th May

UPDATE: change of time and venue. Bit more of a walk.

New writing from Tamara Micner of Fantasmagoriana fame. Seemingly a Meet the Parents-style comedy, it’s going to be an ADC lateshow next term, and will have evolved from its current ‘staged reading’ incarnation. Impatience and stinginess say go now for free; the artful connoisseur within (you may not have one of these) says hold off. Of course if you’re dead keen just see it twice.

Lucy Cavendish Bar at 8  FREE