The Tab’s Easter Egg Hunt 2011

Follow The Tab’s cryptic clues around Cambridge to win a giant luxury Easter Egg. Now we feed your bodies as well as your minds.

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Remember your childhood? When your parents would hide Easter eggs in the microwave/airing cupboard/garden and leave you feebly-written clues to them, providing ample help if you gave the slightest hint of struggling?

This won’t be like that.

Here at The Tab we expect more from you, and our love is limited and deeply conditional (on pageviews, in case you were wondering). But this Easter those with the brains and motivation to master our hunt will feel our generosity.

The first person to solve the five Cambridge-based puzzles below will be rewarded with a large and luxuriant Easter Egg, as well as undying fame (not guaranteed).

Simply decipher the five clues below, go to the places they indicate, and find the answers riddled at. Put together, these five answers form an e-mail address – the first one to e-mail it with their name and college will be swiftly provided with their magnificent prize.

Comments are disabled so you can’t cheat. Sharpen your minds and lace up your boots, because here are the clues:

Part I

Find the object pictured below. It has some letters written on it. More are nearby; together they spell something. This is the first answer.

Clue the First

Part II

Head to the college whose crest we’ve recoloured, rearranged and distorted below. Get as close to water as you can. The second answer is the alumnus who’s holding you up (surname only for all alumnus answers).

Clue the Second

Part III

Find the building named after the chap pictured below. A famous alumnus sits there in stone. The third answer is the country of which he’s a national hero.

Clue the Third

Part IV

Find the inscription pictured below. Nearby is another inscription in a different language. The fourth answer is the third word of this inscription.

Clue the Fourth

Part V

Go to the Fitzwilliam Museum (it’s open today). A terracotta bust is angrily staring out Charles II. Or trying his best. This Cam alumnus is the fifth answer.


Line up all your answers with no spaces (they should total 34 characters), add, and the first to e-mail their name and college to this address will be delivered the prize.


Terms and Conditions

The Winner will be the sender of the first e-mail received at the correct address containing a valid name and college.

Competition not open to The Tab‘s editorial, their immediate families or anybody professionally associated with this promotion.

The Tab accepts no responsibility for any illness, discomfort or envy incurred by The Winner as a result of this competition.

By taking part in this promotion all entrants will be deemed to have accepted and be bound by these terms and conditions.