Cole To Be Blue In Who

King’s student Lily Cole is set to appear in popular BBC show Doctor Who, as her acting career continues, though not all Who fans are impressed.

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Anyone tuning in for the new series of Doctor Who this Easter will find celeb glamour in none other than Cambridge’s own Lily Cole – as a mysterious sea creature.

King’s student Lily will step off the catwalk and onto our TV screens in an episode billed as an “ocean adventure.” And she’ll even be sporting Cambridge colours, swathed in a blue mist.

But with the show already sporting plenty of totty with Amy Pond and River Song, famous model Cole wading into the mix may not please all fans.

Luke Hawkins, a first year historian, lambasted the casting as a cheap stunt by the Beeb. He told The Tab: “I think they must be trying to reach out to a wider audience which will just end up diluting the show.”

Much of the attention of Cole’s role has become focused on her appearance, rather than her acting ability, despite the fact that this latest role follows on from a number of thespian adventures.

Lily in St Trinian’s

After taking on a minor in role in St Trinian’s in 2007, the History of Art student appeared with Heath Ledger and Johnny Depp in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus in 2009.

And from the ADC to the BBC, Lily recently played Nina in ADC Mainshow The Seagull, by Chekhov.

Without rave reviews for her performance there though, next month will show what she can deliver on screen as a sea mermaid-cum-monster.

Lily is set to appear in the 3rd episode of the series, alongside Downton Abbey Star Hugh Bonneville and Eastenders alcoholic and wife beater Lee Ross.