Lent Bumps: Final Day Round Up

In a bumper final edition, HENRY CHARRINGTON and JONNY SINGER give the best analysis going on Day FIVE of Lent Bumps 2011, and look back on the week at the river as a whole.

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Today saw the culmination of Lent Bumps 2011, after a terrific 5 days. In this Bumper (excuse the pun) edition of our round up, we will look back at the action from all 5 days.

See how it all unfolded HERE.

The Big Picture: All the chat on Day 5 was about whether Caius could take the men’s headship from Downing, and when they did, earning blades in the process, it was a thrilling end to a phenomenal week for them.

In the team standings Caius’ men (+10) were undone by their women (-5) to leave the team at a good, but not exceptional +5. First and Third’s (-13) nightmare continued, only their W2 with a higher position at the end of the week than they started it. Hughes Hall (combined with Lucy Cav in womens, +13) had another good day but Jesus (-10), LMBC (-12), Robinson (-11) and Sidney Sussex (-12) will want to forget this week.

On the other side of it Magdalene (+10), Pembroke (+8) and Peterhouse (+10) have had great success. A huge congratulations to Trinity Hall (+16), who were the runaway leaders in the boat club standings.


Division by division here’s our account of all the action today:

M1 Results (week’s progress in brackets)

1 Caius – NEW HEAD OF THE RIVER (+4)
2 Downing (0)
3 FaT (-2)
4 LMBC (-1)
5 Queens’ (+2)
6 Pembroke (-2)
7 Tit Hall (+2)
8 Jesus (-2)
9 Peterhouse (+3)
10 Clare (-2)
11 Magdalene (+2)
12 Emma (-1)
13 Girton (+1)
14 King’s (-4)
15 Christ’s (+4)
16 Fitz (-1)
17 Robinson (-1)
18 Churchill (-1)

Blades: Caius
Spoons: King’s


Fabulous achievement for Caius rounds off a magnificent week – and term – for their crew; very quick for all five days here. Downing will be gutted that they were unable to hold onto the headship, but no-one can really question that Caius deserved it. Further down, Queens’ caught Pembroke on the reach, King’s were caught by Girton to seal their spoons, while LMBC got to within 4 feet of First and Thirds, who despite their seeming lack of pace have fought admirably all week.


M2 Results

1 Churchill (-1)
2 Catz (+1)
3 Selwyn (-2)
4 Caius II (+3)
5 FaT II (-1)
6 Downing II (+2)
7 Sidney Sussex (-2)
8 Jesus II (+1)
9 Lady Margaret II (-3)
10 Wolfson (0)
11 Pembroke II (+3)
12 Homerton (0)
13 Queens’ II (0)
14 Emmanuel II (+3)
15 Corpus (-4)
16 Christ’s II (-1)
17 St Edmund’s (+1)
18 ARU (+1)

Blades: None
Spoons: Corpus Christi


With a number of extremely close races, this M2 division was always going to be exciting for the spectators on the banks. Caius II were quick to continue a good week, bumping FaT early on. Catz bumped Selwyn, giving them a small reason to be cheerful despite a pretty poor week, also allowing Churchill some breathing space at the top. Pembroke fell agonizingly short of getting their blades meanwhile, just missing out on bumping Wolfson. Wolfson themselves were unfortunate to miss out on Jesus, who bumped LMBC. Corpus fell easily to Emma and so earned their spoons, finishing off a disappointing week for them.


M3 Results

1 ARU (+1)
2 Magdalene II (+5)
3 Darwin (-4)
4 Peterhouse II (+4)
5 Churchill II (+1)
6 Selwyn II (-2)
7 FaT III (-4)
8 Tit Hall II (+5)
9 Clare II (+1)
10 King’s II (+4)
11 Jesus III (-2)
12 Hughes Hall (+8)
13 Robinson II (-8)
14 St Catz II (+2)
15 Caius III (+3)
16 Girton II (-1)
17 LMBC III (-6)
18 Addenbrooke’s (-1)

Blades: None
Spoons: Darwin, Robinson II, LMBC III


On the row up to the start there was some particularly negative chat about the LMBC boat today, though this is perhaps not surprising given that they backed themselves for spoons. They were not disappointed either, as they, Robinson and Darwin all can, at least, take some form of tangible reward for the week’s racing, even if it is not particularly positive. Elsewhere Tit Hall bumped Clare, Churchill bumped Selwyn and Jesus were bumped by King’s. Caius were denied their blades after a close race with Catz, leaving M3 a division ‘blade-less’. The last day really served to reveal the form (and out of form) boats in a division with decidedly mixed talent. Robinson, joint with Fitz II, earned the record for the biggest fall this week, while Hughes Hall rose an impressive 8, after three bumps and a double overbump on the aforementioned Fitz II on Day 2.


M4 Results

1 Addenbrooke’s (-1)
2 Clare Hall (+6)
3 Fitz II (-8)
4 Queens’ III (+2)
5 Wolfson II (-1)
6 FaT IV (-4)
7 Emma III (0)
8 Pembroke III (+4)
9 Sidney Sussex II (-4)
10 Christ’s III (-1)
11 Homerton II (-1)
12 Tit Hall III (+3)
13 Queens’ IV (0)
14 Catz III (+2)
15 Downing III (-4)
16 Hughes Hall II (+2)
17 Magdalene III (0)
18 Jesus IV (-4)

Blades: Clare Hall, Pembroke III
Spoons: Fitz II, First and Third IV, Sidney Sussex II, Downing III, Jesus IV


With 5 boats collecting spoons in this division and three earning blades there has been no shortage of bumping action. Special mention must go, however, to Fitzwilliam II, for what was truly an outstandingly bad performance: they have fallen a total of 8 places this week. This division has thrown up no shortage of entertainment this week, providing pile-ups, re-rows, overbumps and many-a-bump. Great stuff.


W1 Results

1 Downing (+1)
2 Pembroke (+3)
3 Emma (+1)
4 FaT (-3)
5 Queen’s (+4)
6 Christ’s (-3)
7 Jesus (-1)
8 Tit Hall (+3)
9 Clare (-1)
10 Caius (-3)
11 Newnham (+2)
12 LMBC (0)
13 Magdalene (+3)
14 Catz (-4)
15 Selwyn (+3)
16 King’s (-2)
17 Churchill (-2)
18 Peterhouse (-1)

Blades: Downing, Queens’
Spoons: St Catz


In a great race, Downing rowed over, earning a well-deserved headship. They really have been the stand out women’s crew this week, and haven’t put an oar wrong. Downing, Tit Hall and Queens’ were all up for blades after the controversial re-row earlier, while FaT, Christ’s and Catz were fighting to avoid spoons. Queens’ bumped Christ’s to take blades (spoons for Christ’s though), and looked rightly happy by that result. Caius were bumped by Clare; unfortunately they haven’t enjoyed the success of their men this week. Selwyn and Magdalene also bumped, while Tit Hall will be hugely disappointed to miss out on bumping Jesus. Pembroke and Newnham both grabbed bumps in great tussles with Emma and LMBC respectively. Newnham have gone some way to making up for their first day disaster, but will no doubt still be a little disappointed overall.


W2 Results

1 Peterhouse (-1)
2 Girton (0)
3 Murray Edwards (+4)
4 Emma II (0)
5 Lady Margaret II (-2)
6 Fitz (+2)
7 Sidney Sussex (-2)
8 Jesus II (-2)
9 Corpus Christi (+2)
10 Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav. (+4)
11 Robinson (-2)
12 Pembroke II (0)
13 Homerton (-3)
14 First and Third II (+1)
15 St Edmund’s (+4)
16 Christ’s II (+7)
17 ARU (-4)
18 Caius II (-2)

Blades: Murray Edwards, Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall, Christ’s II
Spoons: ARU


With Christ’s, St Edmunds, Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall and Murray Edwards all up for blades, and ARU on for spoons, there was always going to be some exciting rowing in this division. Murray Edwards were the first to get their due reward, bumping Emma, and Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall also earned their blades, thoroughly deserved. Christ’s II bump on ARU condemned the latter to spoons, whilst also giving the Christ’s girls their blades, with an end result of +7 for the week – a great result. FaT rowed over to deny St Edmund’s their blades, and will be happy with that row. LMBC, Jesus and Corpus all rowed over, despite a late overbump scare from Jesus for the LMBC girls.


W3 Results

1 Caius II (-2)
2 Newnham II (+5)
3 Addenbrooke’s (-3)
4 Darwin (-1)
5 Wolfson (0)
6 Downing II (+3)
7 Clare II (-6)
8 Selwyn II (+2)
9 Peterhouse II (+4)
10 Queens’ II (-6)
11 Tit Hall II (+3)
12 Sidney II (-4)
13 Clare Hall (-2)
14 Newnham III (-2)
15 Girton II (+2)
16 Fitz II (+2)
17 Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav (-1)
18 Murray Edwards II (-3)

Blades: None
Spoons: Clare II, Queens’ II, Sidney II, Murray Edwards II


With movement in this division all week, there was always going to be a lot of action today. Indeed, Clare got their spoons early on when they were bumped by Downing, while Sidney and Queens’ were also hit, and so earned their spoons. Murray Edwards were consigned to spoons when Fitz bumped Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish ahead of them, earning them the ‘footship’ of the women’s Lents this year. With no boats eligible for blades today, there were no great successes, but nonetheless, another division with terrific bumps action every day.

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