Lent Bumps: Day 3 Round Up

HENRY CHARRINGTON and JONNY SINGER look back at the Third Day of Lent Bumps 2011, and preview tomorrow’s racing.

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Day 3 saw all the top crews in action once more, and while the third divisions took the day off, there was action all the way down.

Plenty of bumps, and some phenomenal performances added up to an intriguing day. See how it all unfolded HERE.

The Big Picture: The main focus was, once again, on whether Downing would bump First and Third to take the headship, and after a prolonged battle, they finally managed it.

Trinity Hall were the day’s biggest winners, all three of their boats bumping, while Fitz II remain the car-crash story of Lent Bumps so far, falling yet another place. LMBC had another difficult day, only their W1 having any success, while Sidney are -3 for the day, with all four crews down on their starting position.


Division by division here’s our account of all the action today:

M1 Results

1 Downing
2 FaT
3 Caius
5 Pembroke
6 Queens’
7 Tit Hall
8 Jesus
9 Clare
10 Emma
11 Peterhouse
12 King’s
13 Magdalene
14 Girton
15 Fitz
16 Christ’s
17 Robinson
18 Churchill


FaT were unable to reproduce their fine performance of yesterday. Despite holding on for a significant distance, they were finally bumped by Downing, who take the headship after 4 years of FaT domination. A comprehensive bump by Caius, just after First Post corner, saw LMBC  end up half way up the bank in the gut. Have LMBC given away the Caius to headship?

Surprisingly enough, this had no adverse effect on the rest of the division, despite being on one of the narrowest parts of the river. Queens’ seemed unable to close Pembroke, while Tit Hall continued their club’s success by bumping Jesus. Peterhouse moved closer to the top 10 by bumping King’s and meanwhile Christ’s position in the M1 division is now fully cemented by a bump on Robinson.

FaT put up a good fight, but eventually lost the headship to Downing

A word about the Caius/LMBC bump: Caius were lightning quick out of the blocks, rapidly gaining on Maggie straight away, and, as the battle moved around First Post corner, Caius completed their move, riding up onto the stern of Maggie’s boat, crushing the cox. This in turn forced the bow of Maggie’s boat onto the bank, taking a huge chunk of earth with it, and leaving bow 3 high and dry, while the stern encountered the wonderful water of the Cam. Having surpassed Newnham’s adventure onto the bank, LMBC – to be renamed as Lady Margaret Beached Club from now on? – will certainly feel they have earned the right to paint the motorway bridge.

If you only watch one video this week, make sure its this one – an absolute classic!


FaT to be bumped by Caius, who are undeniably rapid, not having had to row past the Plough yet this week. There will certainly be an interesting race on the final day between Downing and Caius for the headship position, definitely worth a watch for anyone who enjoys some competition. LMBC/Pembroke/Queens’ will be a tussle that will continue down the length of the course, with Tit Hall also likely to be involved. Christ’s to bump Fitz, while Magdalene should be able to bump King’s.


M2 Results:

1 Churchill
2 Selwyn
3 First and Third II
4 St. Catharine’s
5 Caius II
6 Sidney Sussex
7 Downing II
8 Lady Margaret II
9 Wolfson
10 Jesus II
11 Homerton
12 Pembroke II
13 Corpus Christi
14 Queens’ II
15 Emmanuel II
16 Christ’s II
17 St Edmund’s
18 Darwin


A heroic result for FaT II bumping Catz, who failed to live up to the standards so highly set by the stash in their boat, managing to crash into the bank and let FaT take an easy bump. As expected, Caius, Pembroke, Wolfson and St Edmund’s all had success, as did Downing II. Plenty of bumps across the division to keep everyone entertained.

Downing II bumping LMBC II just past The Plough


Unless they are blighted by more equipment/coxing failure, Catz should really make the bump back on FaT. With a quick Caius II behind them, they’ll certainly have to be at their best. St Edmund’s to move further up the division, and Downing and Emma too. Emma’s success will very much depend on whether Queens’ bump Corpus first though.


M4 Results:

1 Addenbrooke’s
2 Fitz II
3 Clare Hall (from 6th)
4 Queens’ III
5 FaT IV
6 Wolfson II (from 3rd)
7 Emma III
8 Sidney
9 Pembroke III
10 Christ’s III
11 Homerton II
12 Queens’ IV
13 Tit Hall III
14 Downing III
15 St Catz III
16 Hughes Hall II
17 Jesus IV
18 Magdalene III


Fitz II, seemingly keen to get to the foot of the river, continued their downward trend. Their bump by Addies cemented their position in the bottom division. Sidney also carried on falling, while Jesus are rapidly approaching the bottom of the division. A successful overbump by Clare Hall put them above Queens’, who also bumped.


Fitz to drop further and further down the river, while Wolfson will bump FaT back, as they did yesterday. Tit Hall to continue their club’s success by going up again, and Pembroke to bump Sidney, who don’t look like improving any time soon. Magdalene have a big chance to hit Jesus. An interesting battle between Clare Hall and Queens’ should also be in store.



1 Downing
2 Emma
3 FaT
4 Pembroke
5 Christ’s
6 Jesus
7 Queens’
8 Caius
9 Tit Hall
10 Clare
12 Catz
13 Newnham
14 King’s
15 Magdalene
16 Selwyn
17 Churchill
18 Peterhouse


Newnham made up for their failed attempt at taking a short cut yesterday by bumping back up to King’s. Downing looked completely in control at head, being described by CamFM as ‘awesomely powerful’. Tit Hall and Queens’ continued to move up the table, with LMBC joining in on the fun, as they bumped Catz. FaT’s fall from the headship position continued, conceding to Emma. At the bottom, Selwyn bumped Churchill, leaving Peterhouse as the sandwich boat.

Downing (above) look unstoppable at the head of the division, but FaT’s woes continued as Emma caught them.


Downing to stay at the head – they look too imperious to give in to Emma. FaT look like they will continue their fall, as Pembroke advance towards the top 3. A chance for LMBC to bump Clare – they will certainly take confidence from their performance today. Newnham should take Catz, and Tit Hall to move up on Caius. Jesus will have to watch out for the ever advancing Queens’.


W2 Results:

1 Peterhouse
2 Girton
3 Emmanuel II
4 Lady Margaret II
5 Murray Edwards
6 Sidney Sussex
7 Jesus II
8 Fitzwilliam
9 Robinson
10 Corpus Christi
11 Homerton
12 Hughes Hall/Lucy Cav.
13 Pembroke II
14 First and Third II
15 Anglia Ruskin
16 St Edmund’s
17 Caius II
18. Addenbrooke’s


Emma made the bump on LMBC just after Ditton corner, despite having failed to do on Tuesday. Murray Edwards and Fitz both had success, leaving Jesus rowing in a vacuum. Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish looked good, as did FaT. Fitz bumped Robinson halfway first post, despite only starting at the motorway bridge.


Emma II to bump Girton, who have yet to produce any fireworks this term. Fitz looked surprisingly fast, and should be able to take Jesus. Hughes Hall/Lucy Cavendish to continue moving up the division, and should bump Homerton. Murray Edwards will hope to be able to get close to LMBC II, but the latter’s ability to hold Emma off on the first day should not be ignored; there should be a good race there. St Edmunds should easily be able to take a slow Anglia Ruskin boat.

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