Gilmour Charged With Royal Attack

Girtonian Charlie Gilmour appeared in court last week charged with throwing a bin at Prince Charles’ car.

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Charlie Gilmour appeared in court last week, accused of throwing a bin at Prince Charles’ car.

He was charged with two counts of violent disorder: one for apparently kicking one of Topshop‘s windows, and another in relation to the attack on the Royal Convoy during the protests.

City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard Gilmour allegedly threw a bin at one of three cars in a convoy carrying Prince Charles and Camilla.

The court were also told Gilmour sat on the bonnet of a car carrying royal protection officers.

Gilmour, who studies History at Girton, didn’t enter a plea after the charges were read, and the district judge renewed his conditional bail, which bans him from the City of Westminster unless he gets court approval.

Earlier this year Gilmour was charged with stealing the leg of a mannequin from Topshop, but these charges have now been dropped.

The son of Pink Floyd’s guitarist David Gilmour hit the headlines in December after he was pictured running riot across London during the student protests.

Photos and videos showed him:

-Swinging off the Cenotaph flag

-Brandishing a rock

-Hiding the leg of a mannequin stolen from Topshop under his coat

Gilmour getting up to mischief.

Despite provoking initial back lash from Cambridge students, some think charging him is missing the point. Newnham fresher Helena Izett told The Tab: “How can it be just to sentence him when people suffered similarly from the police?”

If convicted, Gilmour could be forced to pay compensation or even face jail time.

Gilmour had clearly scrubbed up for his day in court in a bid to make a good impression. He arrived with a fresh haircut and sporting a smart black coat.

The case has now been adjourned till 25th March.