Gilmour Charged For Cenotaph Stunt

Charlie Gilmour was arrested today, due to his involvement with last year’s protests.

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Girtonian Charlie Gilmour has today been charged for his part in last year’s protest.

Although he was also originally arrested in December for criminal damage, his main charge is for violent disorder, according to reports from the BBC. Gilmour’s other charge is stealing a mannequin leg from Topshop on Oxford Street.

Son of rock guitarist David Gilmour, Charlie was originally arrested at his home in Sussex last month before being released on bail.

The second year history student hit the headlines during 2010?s student protests in London for swinging from the Union Flag on the Cenotaph. He also sparked controversy by stealing a copper’s hat outside Senate House in November.

The now infamous photograph

Gilmour is just one example of a number of high-profile arrests made in connection with various protests in the last few months. The most notable has been Edward Woollard, who was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for throwing a fire extinguisher from Millbank Tower.

According to the BBC, the long-haired rebel’s charges are similar to the others dished out, which include:

violent disorder

stealing police equipment

criminal damage to a government building

The University maintain that this is an issue for the police, since it happened outside of Cambridge’s term time.

Gilmour is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 10th February.