Baron of Beef Avoids A Roasting

The Baron of Beef pub was indebted to two off-duty firemen when paper left in an oven sparked a fire on Monday afternoon.

Baron of Beef Cambridge cambridgeshire fire and rescue curry king fire firemen pub Pub lunch St John's College

The Baron of Beef pub narrowly escaped a potentially devastating fire on Monday afternoon – because two firemen were sitting in the pub when it started.

The men quickly abandoned their meal to handle the blaze, and were soon joined on Bridge Street – opposite John’s – by three fire-engines to help put a stop to the danger.

Gail Pritchard, manager of the pub, was relieved.  She said: “We were very lucky that we had two fire fighters in the pub having their lunch at the time, so they were very much first on the scene.”

The fire appears to have been caused by paper left in a disused oven, which was accidentally switched on.

However, she refused to comment on how the paper ended up in an oven, and why a disused oven was switched on in the first place remains a mystery.

Steve Elve, station manager for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue, commented: “If the fire had not been detected early, it could have spread rapidly and become life-threatening.”

With danger over, student reaction has not been one of too much concern though. John’s student Alex Bower told The Tab: “I’d be less bothered about [a fire in] the Baron of Beef than somewhere like Curry King. There’s plenty of average pubs in Cambridge but only a few places where can you go mental and have an undercooked curry”.

Fortunately for all concerned, nobody was injured by the fire, and the pub was able to start serving food again the next day.