UPDATE: Soul Tree Shuts Its Doors

Following yesterday’s suprise closure, Soul Tree is being turned into beach themed nightclub Lola Lo.

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The Tab can reveal that Soul Tree is set to be turned into a beach themed nightclub.

Eclectic Clubs and Bars, who own both Lola Lo and Soul Tree, are reportedly spending millions on turning Soul Tree into a Lola Lo club.

Bartenders at Lola Lo Brighton

The owners website describes Lola Lo as: “Polynesian, Flamboyant, [and] Tiki.”

Simon Burdus, owner of Big Fish Ents, told The Tab: “I’ve seen the plans and I’m excited.”

There are currently two Lola Lo clubs in the UK, in Norwich and Brighton.

Eclectic Clubs say the clubs interior will be decked out with “bamboo, hand-carved woods, evocative lighting, unique dancefloor and rustic decor.”

An idea of Lola Lo’s planned interior


Last night, Soul Tree unexpectedly announced that it would be closing for at least four months.

The club was due to host an International Student night, but staff were told just hours before doors were due to open that it was being shut down.

The club’s owners announced that it would be closed for renovations until at least May.

John’s second year and keen Soul Tree fan Abeed Mohammad told The Tab: “It’s a real shame, as it was one of the only places you could go out and feel like you were in any other city in the country.”

The closure comes after the club’s lease was sold last November to Eclectic Clubs and Bars, who also own rival venue Fez Club.

Soul Tree had previously been owned by La Raza Ltd, who operate La Raza and Ta Bouche.

Fez were quick to capitalise on the venue’s closure. Their Facebook status last night was: “Goodbye Soul Tree, HELLO Touch*Tuesday at Fez Club, Cambridge for all of your R&B and Hip Hop needs!”

It’s thought that the revamp of Soul Tree could see the club taking a big change in direction.

Trinity fresher Lewis Tan told The Tab he thought the revamp was a good idea, saying: “It couldn’t get much worse.”

The club had proved less popular than Cambridge favourites Life and Cindies, and it is suspected that Soul Tree may try to emulate their success by ramping up the cheese.