Wong To Team Up With Huppert

Cambridge MP Julian Huppert hopes to leave student dissatisfaction behind him when he appears on BBC show Bang Goes The Theory.

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Cambridge MP Julian Huppert will be appearing with Dr Yan Wong on BBC primetime show Bang Goes The Theory.

The programme, to be filmed at Westminster Hall, will be aired in late March and watched by up to 4.3 million viewers.

All MPs are invited to attend the event, which Huppert has helped to plan. It will involve a quiz, helping out with a science demonstration, and an interview with UK Young Scientist of the Year, Tom Hearing.

This is the latest example of Huppert plugging science in Parliament, after he tried to get all MPs to take a crash course in it last year. Now he is hoping the demo will help both politicians and the public get to grips with the subject.

“Delighted” to be appearing on the show, the MP commented: “Taking science out onto the streets gives people the opportunity to learn so much more about a subject that many of them will have had little involvement with since leaving school.”

Ashley Walsh, Cambridge University Labour Club Chair, told The Tab: “I believe Huppert is doing the right thing, MPs should push other initiatives and areas.

“But, if he really supported science and research, he would not be supporting the real-terms cut of 10% to the science department, so it appears his appearance is nothing short of cheap publicity.”

And a Lib Dem voter agreed, saying, “I didn’t vote for Julian to be parading his intelligence around on national TV.”

The under-fire MP will be hoping that the show can distract from his recent troubles. The latest act to show dissatisfaction among students involved Huppert-masked protesters at Cambridge’s train station.