Theatre Guide Dog: Week 8

TOBY PARKER REES fervently believes that you are either a scumbag, a maggot, a cheap lousy faggot or all of the above. The week’s theatre may crop up intermittently.

24 hour plays ADC arabian nights Corpus Playroom Hatch memory of water streetspeare toby parker rees

Hatch 29th

It has been very good indeed for its first two outings, so it will either stay at that level or crash depressingly into failure. Either will be enjoyable, depending on your outlook. Corpus Playroom at 9.30.

The 24 Hour Plays 29th

A very good idea – albeit someone else’s. Five groups, each with a writer, director, and sundry actors, given as many hours as it says in the name to craft a ten minute play. There are prizes at the end for the best ones but, wetly, no punishments for the worst. Rest assured the foaming jaws of the Guide Dog will overbite this oversight. ADC at 11.

Memory of Water 30-4th

Three girls, seemingly no cup. That’s a metaphor. This is the Corpus Playroom’s second staging of an Olivier award-winning play in two weeks, and if it’s anything like as good as Blackbird apparently was then you’d best get down there. If it isn’t, there are more girls to look at in this one. 7pm.

Romeo & Juliet: The Late Show 30-4th

Baz Luhrmann is the man responsible for this, but even he couldn’t ruin brother William’s most accessible play. His film did not contain either an all-female cast seemingly dressed in school uniform or the name ‘Streetspeare, however’.  That said, the best production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream I’ve seen was by a Hackney youth group & featured Bottom as a traffic warden. So you never can tell. Corpus Playroom at 9.30.

Arabian Nights 1-4

This collection of Eastern stories claims to be devised but I’m fairly sure they’ve nicked it from this sket called Scheherezade. So by all means swan off to the ADC at 11 if you love plagiarism. You really do disgust me.