Jackass 3D

No amount of ejaculate and excrement can put DOMINIC KEEN off of Jackass in 3D.

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Directed by Jeff Tremaine

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Where to start with this one? From the moment the 3D “Dickhouse” productions logo is slammed into your face, the tone of this odyssey of human excrement is set. Is a film that takes relish in firing a dildo through various idyllic landscapes in super-slow-mo – then through a glass of milk and into a man’s face – really partial to any kind of critical appraisal? Of course it is, and this reviewer is by no means pretentious enough to look down on a maniac willing to drink the sweat of an obese Clingfilm-wrapped fatty, even if the inevitable chunder does beg the question; ‘why am I watching this filth?’

For anyone familiar with the Jackass movies or television shows, you know what to expect by now as the man-children approach a tenth year mining their expertise. Throughout the film 3D cinema is brilliantly revealed as the gimmick it truly has been all along, notable set pieces including the gush of what must be 100 litres of dog poo into the viewers (and Steve-O’s) face in an airborne Portaloo and a hilariously explosive finale.

What holds the in(s)ane pranks of this gang of loons together has always been the jovial charisma of the crew. Probably the film’s funniest moment comes as the group stand in tears of laughter as a helpless jackass plays the French horn to a Ram, taking huge hits to the nether regions, all while Steve-O remains entangled against the barbed wire fence in the foreground, trumpet in hand.

Perhaps the most meaningful experience results from a lesson in dentistry, the ‘Lamborghini Tooth-Pull’ – where the depths of human dread and the highs of elation are most evident – leaving even the audience with a new found gratitude for life (and a full set of teeth). It is these truly odd moments of inspiration that lift Jackass from the realms of puerile ejaculate humour, even if it takes getting slapped in the face with a massive hand to realise it.

So the stupidest, smelliest, dumbest and most revoltingly apt use of 3D cinema so far manages to emerge a triumph of slapstick comedy over the excrement and puke it leaves in its wake. Stick around for the surprisingly touching end credits, featuring shots of the crew as kids in home movies mucking around… interspersed, of course, with slow motion penis golf