Theatre Guide Dog (Unit): Week 6

TOBY PARKER REES thought you threw the stick but really you just mimed it. And that’s Theatre too.

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The Guide Dog has been rather busy protecting property this week, but not too busy to deliver you from mediocrity once again.

The Garden Party 16-20th

Vaclav Havel is the Czech of choice for many people. This play of his is about a totalitarian regime, but is absurdist enough to hopefully avoid GCSE dystopian clichés in performance. The director describes it as examining ‘the nature of success, and the bullshittery it requires’ – spend £5 on this to reward his use of the word bullshittery. Corpus at 7.

The Real Inspector Hound 16-20th

It’s Stoppard, you know, Stoppard. Tom Stoppard. Like Ayckbourn but clever, and, more importantly, good. Stoppard. Tom, Tom Stoppard. Fitzpatrick Theatre at Queen’s, 7.30.

Relative Values 16-20th

This is the freshers’ mainshow. No one cares what the play is, there’s freshers to evaluate. Freshers. So young, so malleable. Anything could happen. But it won’t; you’re old and you repulse their wide unsullied eyes. ADC at 7.45 if you don’t believe me.

Donkey’s Years 16-20th

It’s set in an Oxbridge college and it was at the West End, so it was only a matter of time. This is somewhere between The Breakfast Club and Peter’s Friends, but funnier than that suggests. Possibly worth it to experience the Howard Theatre’s Ferrari-leather seats. 7.45.

Now, Now 16-20th

How’s this for credentials; the producer of this sketch show was first on the scene with a hoover when anarchy befell the ADC bar.  It seems unlikely a woman so efficient would allow bad comedy to happen. Corpus at 9.30.

Pickwick & Nickelby 17-20th

A Simon Callowish one man showcase involving 20 of Dickens’ characters. Callow and Dickens both represent the lowest forms of their respective professions, but this looks to be nice and irreverent. And if there’s one thing Dickens doesn’t need, it’s reverence. This may bring some good ol’ Fringe spirit to the week. ADC at 8, in the Larkum Studio.

DNA 17-20th

The Fresher lateshow. Please see the entry for Relative Values, but factor in lateness to your disgusting little plans. It is worth pointing out these two snippets from the publicity: ‘a suburban Lord of the Flies for the iTouch generation’; ‘Grange Hill for the Skins generation’. If you are either of those generations and not currently crippled by irony or shame, you may be interested in the merits of this as a play. ADC at 11.