Mark Liu Demands Tab Apology In Third Video

John’s ‘fresher’ and internet sensation Mark Liu returns with his third video, demanding an apology from The Tab, and asking our Features Editor on a date.

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Supermarkliu’s most recent offering is a more mature, considered piece, that demonstrates a burgeoning understanding of cinematography.


Fifteen seconds’ worth of white noise during a chess game creates a fraught tension; a tribal cry of victory in a John’s court at 19 seconds becomes a recurring trope to which Supermarkliu recourses throughout the video, perhaps symbolic of his already fierce Johnian pride. At 2.38, he turns the camera upon himself in a scene that some Freshers are lauding as a homage to The Blair Witch Project: he is wide-eyed, frantic and spinning and demonstrates excellent camera handling. Supermarkliu has arrived.

And indeed he has, for this is the purpose of the third video. It is Week Four by now: this latest instalment is intended to “prove to all the haters out there” that he is truly a John’s Fresher. This theme of self-defence is recurrent: soon, his concern turns to entering a critical dialogue with some of his more public detractors.


Of course, as those of you who have been following this update will know, The Tab has been tracking Supermarkliu since his first vlog. And at 3.16, he finally answers us. He calls our initial feature on him “outrageous” and entreats the author of the piece, one “Pho-ebay Lockhurst, or Pho – whichever you prefer” (neither) to issue a formal apology.

“I have seen your article and I am not pleased with your claims that I am a petty conman. Perhaps we can discuss this over dinner, where you will apologise, agree to replace the article with one that puts me in a more favourable light, and then pay for the meal. It doesn’t have to be dinner either, it could be a movie – or both, or neither [at this point there is a slightly sinister smile, sealed with a wink]”.

Frankly, I melted. I wish to issue the formal apology that Supermarkliu demands, and state now that any suggestion that he is either petty, or a conman, or both, are unfounded and defamatory.

I hope that he will accept these apologies – perhaps over dinner. I will pay for the meal. It doesn’t have to be dinner either, it could be a movie, or both, or neither. At this point, I am smiling slightly sinisterly, winking, and signing off.