Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

TOBY PARKER-REES kicks you around like the dirty little sket you are but tells you all about the week’s theatre so it’s all ok.

4.48 psychosis actor's nightmare Cherry and Blossom Hatch Patrick Garety the fire within theatre guide dog toby parker rees

In Week 1 Phoebe Luckhurst raised the ire of a couple of Corpuscles so high they felt honour-bound to post defences under a scintillating array of aliases. We can only hope that this week’s reviews inspire such ardent passion.

Hatch 18th

A New Writing night. Definitely not the first, but the best promoted thus far. If you go to Smokers and tut at all the joking around and frivolity this could well be for you. Or if you find Smokers aren’t funny because the people there are trying to be funny, there’ll be at least one awful bit for you to cackle cruelly at, you horrible cunt. Corpus Playroom at 9.30.

The Actor’s Nightmare 19-23rd

A man is forced onstage after being mistaken for an actor, like that nightmare that only people in sitcoms have. This is not an actor’s nightmare; this is a non-actor’s nightmare – an actor’s nightmare is not being onstage. Despite this unforgivable discrepancy, and the fact someone misspelt Thomas More’s name in the publicity, it could well be enjoyable. Corpus Playroom at 7.30.

The Fire Within 19-23rd

Patrick Garety’s piece of new writing about the last days of the Raj. Post-colonial looks at colonialism are prone to being tediously simplistic, so if this is interesting it will be all the more impressive. Don’t worry, The Tab will tell you whether it’s racist, patronising or good. Or all of the above. ADC at 7.45.

Cherry & Blossom: A Night at the Movies 19th & 23rd

Last time I reviewed one of the shows these razzle-dazzlers put on I didn’t get into the Playroom and had to review it from outside. It sounded great though, so have a look at this. ADC, two nights only, 11pm on Tuesday and 5 on Saturday.

4.48 Psychosis 20-23rd

Sarah Kane’s play covers some complex feeling in interesting ways. As with The Fire Within, this sort of subject matter is easy to simplify and squander, especially by such young pups as us. Tread carefully, let The Tab decide. ADC at 11.