Chief to Chief: Richard Out As Borysiewicz Crowned VC

Expert in immunology takes over as vice-chancellor of Cambridge University today.

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Today is a big day for Prof Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, as he officially begins his reign as the 345th vice-chancellor of Cambridge University.

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz was born in Cardiff on April 13th 1951 and was previously the chief executive of the Medical Research Council.

The expert in immunology is set to replace Prof Alison Richard at the helm of the world famous academic institution, and has stated his intent to continue her ‘good work’, which included raising £1 billion for the university.

Prof Richard was not only good at raising money; she was also brilliant at spending it. Many male chauvinists stated that this was only to be expected of the first female to hold the role.  Between 2008 and 2009 – a time when many in Britain were struggling to make ends meet – she racked up £90,000 worth of travel costs.

The new vice-chancellor will hopefully cause fewer headaches for university authorities. At the moment he is perhaps most well-known for his book ‘Vaccinations’, currently available for £12.99 on Amazon.

He has also said himself that there is little chance of him doing anything remotely ground-breaking, or interesting:  ‘Am I a revolutionary, wanting to rip everything out? The answer is absolutely not.’

A key issue that Sir Borysiewicz will have to tackle will be the possible raising of tuition fees by a cash-strapped government. He has stated that the university is currently ‘operating at a deficit for every single student’, a position that is not sustainable. The new vice chancellor will await the results of the infamous government spending review before making any decisions.

A champion of the students or a money-grabbing freeloader? We’ll have to wait and see…