Step Into Spring

We work out how to make the most of the tricky spring weather, and look stylish to boot.

how to spring trans-seasonal

It’s that time of year again, when apparently spring has sprung, and according to the great and good of the fashion magazines, the shows, and the British high street, we should all be braving bare legs and the joys of summer fabrics (cotton sundresses and sandals in mid-March? Pass thankyou). I have always thought that “trans-seasonal” dressing was an affectation of the ridiculously wealthy, much like wearing heels all the time: if you spend your days flitting between gloriously heated buildings and being driven around, of course you can wear your spring/summer couture in March and wear stiletto sandals all day, every day. (A girl can dream though, right)?


But what of us? How is the style-minded Cambridge student supposed to incorporate the joys of the new season with the practicalities of our day-to-day lives (whether you’re staying in Cambridge for the holiday or whether you’re at home)? Fear not, with this conundrum in mind we’ve compiled the perfect “trans-seasonal” rules to ensure you look chic, stylish, and are totally prepared for whatever you’re doing (bike riding, lugging books about, and the college bar crawl are all included. Excellent).



1. Layer. This is the most obvious of all our commandments, but it’s a chic look in itself, and is vital for those infuriating days where it starts off freezing, cold, and rainy, and ends up being a balmy spring day. My recommendation is always to have one “winter” layer, such as a warm coat, cashmere jumper, or boots, and then mix it up with your other, lighter items. For example: cotton dress, cardigan, trench coat, leggings and boots, scarf, umbrella and sunglasses, and you’re prepared for whatever the day throws at you.


2. Embrace some new trends. For the more avant-garde of you, the plethora of slightly wacky trends that have recently been thrown at us via the catwalks are a godsend for the wannabe trans-seasonal dresser. My particular favourite is the scrunched-socks-with-sandals look: it looks fabulously gamine on the endless legs of the supermodels, and is crying out to be tried by the leggy and fashion-forward ladies of Cambridge.


3. Never, ever be unprepared. It’s true that I do carry a bag the size of a small house, but I am never caught out by the elements either. In this sporadic spring weather, it is vital to always carry around with you a hat, gloves, sunglasses, and an umbrella. My top tip is the awesome H&M leopard print number (£5.99), which is guaranteed to get a smile on your face when it’s pissing it down. Ditto with sunglasses: invest in some classics (Rayban aviators are the answer to everything), and you’ll wear them all day and all year long, especially as a hangover saviour.



So, poncy as it sounds, “trans-seasonal” dressing is in fact just an excuse to get some whimsy and frippery back into your outfits after an interminable 6 months of your winter wardrobe (I am always bored of mine at this stage). Be sure to have a look at the high street’s new season stock (Reiss is just divine at the moment) and be inspired.


Mix up your pieces with panache and aplomb and be sure to enjoy the spring wherever you are.