Tab Team Style

With another installment of Tab Team style, we have a look at that Cambridge micro-trend *farmer chic* and see if it is more McQueen than MacDonald.

barbours Tab team style





Looking at the photos of this week's Tab Team representatives (Ali, News Editor, and Ellie, Opinion Editor), one could easily be confused. Did this countryside-style couple think our weekly meeting was in the moors rather than the Maypole? Coordinating in tartan scarves (carefully positioned in a windswept look), jeans, Barbour jackets and disproportionately ecstatic facial expressions, their outfits are less Fashion, more Farmer. No catwalk references, no trendy accessories, no indication that we’re even in a city, not to mention one where you can’t even walk on the majority of the grassy areas.

But despite being the absolute antithesis of on-trend style, they honestly look they're having an amazing time in their country get-up. So much so that I almost want to try it myself just to see if dressing like a farmer really is as much fun as their smiles would have me believe. So if there’s one thing we can learn from these two, it’s that the key to pulling off any outfit is conviction, and that’s probably the most useful moral to be gained from the entirety of this term’s Tab Team Style. Who would have thought that a bizarre choice of rural attire would be so educational? Look out Cambridge, maybe the whole Tab editorial team will soon be clad in countrywear…